Viva Pinata - $30 at Best Buy until Saturday

I haven’t seen this posted anywhere on here, and I know there are people out there who are still waiting to buy this game.

Print out this coupon (at the bottom) and knock the cost down to $25:

The price was too good for me to pass up and I picked it up this morning. hell, even if you don’t like it, you can probably sell it used on eBay for a profit.

Other notable games on sale at Best Buy: Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Rainbow 6 Vegas are both $45 until Saturday.

Wow, great deal. Thanks for the heads up. This is one I’ve been meaning to get.

Uh, those coupons state “no copies”, so YMMV getting a Best Buy store to take printed out versions.

Still, great deal on Viva Pinata, even without the extra $5 off. Thanks!

Ah, good call. I didn’t even use the coupon to be honest, but I saw it posted on a message board and no one seemed to take any issue with it. It’s worth a try at least. If not, you can do the gamer gift card thing for $5 off.

If you don’t act on this, you’re no gamer at all!

I did the gamer gift card thing and it does work. Picked up viva pinata for $25. Just fyi, you can’t combine the coupon with reward dollars. Also, they have guild wars nightfall for $25 or $30 I think and r6vegas for $45 (which I just bought recently for a gift so I brought back the receipt and got a price adjust of $15).

Seconded. The coupon worked just fine for me, got the collector’s edition for $25.

Yea, all four PC titles on sale for $25 are pretty decent:
Medieval 2: Total War
Guild Wars: Nightfall
Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
Battlefield 2142

What advantage do these games offer me over say, a train, which I could also afford?

Is Nightfall good for those of us who never played Guild Wars?

there’s some discussion about it here:

But the short answer is yes and definitely for $20 (if you do the coupon thing).

Anyone know where the scan is from? Maybe I can find the original.

Why? Just do this trick:

Take another $5 off doing the gift card trick. Look at the rack of gift cards and there should be some in a clear cd jewel case. Look for the ones marked gamer. On the back is a $5 of 19.99 games coupon. Buy the card and stick like $5 or $10 on the gift card. Walk right back in the store and pick up any game you want. Now buy it with the coupon and the gift card.

Sweet. Didn’t even need the coupon. Just picked up two copies of the special edition for $24.99 a piece with two gamer gift cards.

One for me and one for my brother for Christmas.

Wow. Thanks a ton for the heads up. I’ll be snagging this one.

It is the best release of Guild Wars by far. The inclusion of custumizable NPC heroes and the new classes of Dervish and Paragon make it a must have for previous Guild Wars players and the best place to start for newbies.

Just saw that Medieval 2 :TW was on the $25 list. I’m stopping on the way home…

sweet I am off to bestbuy!

Didn’t know about those coupons, but I grabbed it today for 30. From what I hear, the game is well worth that money.

sigh… I really shouldnt.


My brother typically hates “kiddy” games. He even uses that word sometimes when we talk about Nintendo, but he still enjoyed the Wii. I’m going to have to sit him down and prep him before he opens this.

Hopefully he doesn’t think I’m coming out.