Viva Pinata

So according to my local EB drone they are supposed to be getting copies today. I am excited about it but not sure if I should be. I am hoping for a kind of uber Animal Crossing type experience that my gf and I can lame out on online.

Anyone else interested, or should I just keep this to myself?

I have no confidence in Rare, they pissed away the last gen and have no traction in the current one.

So, I’ll wait for a demo.

I’m very interested. Pinata pit fights!

Looks interesting, but seriously, now? With Guitar Hero 2, Gears of War, FFXII, and at least another dozen freaking awesome games that have either just come out or are about to?

Looks interesting, but I just don’t “get it.”

Step 1. Build a home for pinata’s. Check. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but got it.

Step 2. … um. Defend pinata home from rogue pinata’s… what?

Might get it for the kids, but I’ll probably wait for the demo first.

I’m excited about this one, because the Animal Crossing/Harvest Moon type games are just so easy and addictive to play.

Guitar Hero 2 doesn’t really exist until the 360 version comes out.

The mistake that I think these guys made with this game is that it seems you don’t have an in game avatar like in Animal Crossing and the like. Not sure how it all comes together, but I think that’s something that will hurt it a bit.

Summary of the Sims:

Step 1. Make dinner and take out the trash.

Step 2. Take a dump.

Step 3. Go to work

Sometimes the sum of all parts in a game is far more compelling than a simple bullet list makes them sound.

In the case of Viva Pinata, it’s got a really quirky style, good humor, and seems to try to combine many elements of Animal Crossing and Pokemon.

Maybe it’ll suck, but from what I’ve seen I’ll be getting it in the very near future.

You know, I thought I might have wanted to get this one for my kid but then she discovered my DS and Mario Kart. Now whenever I can manage wrench the thing out of her hands long enough to play some Dragon Quest Heroes the battery is dead.

Sorry sweetie. Daddy loves you and all but there’s no fucking way I’m giving up my 360 too.

This would be the very next game I buy if Wii day wasn’t 8 days away. Sorry pinatas.

Was Kameo so terrible?

No but between that and PDZ it’s clear they’re not the outfit they were in the 32-bit days, nor (dare I say it) the 8-bit, when they fucking ROCKED.

I thought the point of Viva Pinata was its a kid’s game. I have nothing against kid’s games, I just don’t play them. I mean, living pinatas with needs and wants? It’s like the pilot for a saturday morning show on public broadcasting.

Strangely enough, it is a Saturday morning kid’s show.

Yea that’s why I don’t like The Sims either.

I’m not sure about PDZ, but at least Kameo is a very polished game even if a bit too simplistic. Obviously it was for early teenagers. The wotnot book guy tells you everything you need to beat all the challenges. Still it’s enjoyable and pretty enough to be worth playing in my opinion. I guess I still give Rare respect because of Goldeneye on N64. I loved that game. It was my first taste of stealth and sniping gameplay. I played 4 player death matches every night for probably 6 months. We usually played “grenade launchers in the complex” or “rocket launchers in the temple”.

I am actually very interested in the game, if for no other reason than to have a 360 game that I can play with the kids around, and one my wife might enjoy.

Following up Star Fox Adventures, a terrible game, with the premature ejaculation that was Conker: Live & Reloaded, killed my faith in Rare. Playing Kameo and realizing they had made all the mistakes from Star Fox Adventures and Conker: Live & Reloaded all over again in a single game, threw the soil on the coffin.

Viva Piñata does look pretty fun, though. I will see about giving Rare a new chance once I get my hands on a demo. I started out really, really disliking the character designs, but they’ve grown on me. But, by default, I remain deeply sceptical towards any company who hasn’t made a reasonable game since 1997.

Microsoft wants to create a children’s franchise in all forms of media much like pokemon, yu-gi-oh, and neopets, and they got a large posse of marketing dudes together to group-think themselves up a way to cold bloodedly hook kids, soon to come complete with breakfast cereals, action figures, plush dolls, collectable trading cards, lunchboxes, and so on. Not that this is surprising, or that it hasn’t been done before, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Most importantly, their mandate was never “bring the fun”. It was “build the franchise”.

And yeah, it’s a kid’s game.