VIVO on my GeForce

I’ve got a BFG 7800, and I’m trying to play my PS2 via its video in. I installed nVidia’s official WDM drivers (and their most recent regular nVidia drivers as well), but I’m having problems. I know lag and delay can be an issue with games, but I haven’t even gotten around to considering that yet because I can’t get a good image. I’m using VLC Lan to view the WDM stream and it’s cutting off maybe the left-most 1/8 of the video. Weird. Also, performance is really horrible. The stream stutters a lot. I was hoping there’d be a simple solution that doesn’t involve me digging my junky All-In-Wonder card out of the back of my closet. Any ideas? Does nVidia just have issues with its WDM? I looked at BFG’s page and didn’t see anything useful, they don’t have their own flavor of drivers or anything.