Vocal fry and sexism

Yeah, it’s like refusing to like pictures that have the color red. I mean, you know, knock yourself out, but what a weird arbitrary line to draw.


Maybe it’s like this:

Not tolerating how some women talk is not the equivalent to the chalkboard and chewing sound. Oh sure, some people will try to claim it is, but no where in there does it say vocal fry… and that’s not an accident.

Not an academic paper. Just a popular article about a condition that isn’t even universally recognized. Posted more as a joke. However, since you mention it, there is absolutely no reason that a proposed lack of prefrontal inhibition of insular activity in response to certain sounds couldn’t include a particular speech pattern.

There is a reason all the examples are women, and this has been covered many, many, many times in the past about what that is.

It’s not a new topic.

I have that. Makes meal time with the fam extra fun.

But there are lots of stories of teens with it and their family doesn’t understand, or they’re hit with one of the triggers in school where they can’t escape it.

Meg’s voice didn’t bother me, but I definitely noticed it.

Oh, please. There’s nothing inherently sexist about finding vocal fry annoying. Give it a rest, Nesrie.


Right because it’s something I’ve come up with.

It’s not like it’s been talked about over…

and over

and over

and over

It’s an entirely different story, however, when it comes to women and vocal fry. For the most part, this speech pattern is identified negatively in women.

Vocal fry is not a problem. It is merely another excuse to dismiss, ignore and marginalise women’s voices, both literally and figuratively. And it’s just the latest in a long history of finding excuses not to listen to what women, especially young women, say.


But yeah I just… came-up with it over night to piss you off. It’s like everyone here must’ve slept through 2015 or something.

Again, there’s nothing inherently sexist about finding vocal fry annoying.


If you want to pretend this was not a big topic and really brought to the forefront of what expectations are for women vs. men while trying to train women to change their voice, i mean literally how they talk… yeah.

What I want is for you not to use the forum as a platform to accuse someone of sexism when he’s discussing what he does and doesn’t like in a game.


It drives me crazy when it comes from males or females. Somehow I get a sympathetic sore throat from listening to someone with vocal fry for too long.

This is one instance where I don’t much care if it’s sexist. You can’t tell my throat what to think.

You just assert that, and Nesrie comes in with a bunch of links and quotes that support her point, and you just assert it again.

You’re acting like it is self-evident, and it really isn’t.

Well, I suppose I could link to charmtrap’s post immediately above yours, in which he says he finds it annoying because it hurts his throat. Is he lying? Does he instead find it annoying because he hates women?


P.S. As near as I can tell, none of Nesrie’s links asserts that finding vocal fry annoying is inherently sexist. If I missed something, please quote the relevant part.

Is this… a problem people actually have? Honestly, i always thought vocal fry sounded better for women… i mean, in whatever way i can say “better” and not hang myself.

Now, there was one guy in high school named, literally, Orion, that spoke like a sin wave machine with such a huge overdramatic vocal fry that that was annoying. He was also a dumb teenager. That’s… about it.

I mean, there’s technically nothing inherently sexist about referring to a woman as “shrill,” and yet there is sufficient cultural context that you’ll get called out if you do so.

(I have literally never heard of vocal fry until today, and the additional context with which it has been discussed over the last several years is fascinating to discover.)

If someone says shrill women are annoying, is that person a sexist? I’m honestly asking because I don’t know where the people on the receiving end of this draw that line.

Edit: whoops, just saw this moved. Please throw this post over there too, if you could.

I didn’t excuse anyone of sexism, but not every woman or minority should have to code-switch in order to participate in gaming and certainly not the list of of the best games of 2020. Some people find it it annoying that our Aussie friends speak in slang to the point you can’t understand them. Some people thing that people who come from certain cities should be allowed to talk like they grew up in a large city in the USA and speak like they do.

How would you feel if you came into this topic to talk about the top 2020 games and eveyone is dissing a game because of someone that might sound like you?

here are some other women who were told they didn’t sound okay, that how they spoke was annoying.

Sure, like calling someone who’s black “articulate”. We all know that. But vocal fry isn’t on par with that at all, and not just because a lot of people don’t even know what it is.

Personally, I like it! I think it sounds cool. Bad ass, even. But it can be conspicuous for some people, and I completely understand why they might find it annoying. That doesn’t make them sexists.


How about you stop assuming that every time I point something specific out that’s it’s showcasing a blanket statement about the person I am replying to.

There is no evidence that there is something wrong with someone’s brain if they find vocal fry annoying, and it is most commonly associated with women to the point where there are genuine discussions happening about the issues with that. I never called anyone sexist.\

But I am pointing out that if you talk about vocal fry in this way, there is an automatic exclusionary component to it, especially if someone actually speaks in that way and everyone else is talking about how awful they think it is.

That’s true, and no one is saying they should. You’ll notice that I, the first one to mention vocal fry, put the game which prompted the comment at my #2 spot of the year, and it was almost my #1. Kerzain’s position is characteristically extreme, but not even he is taking the position you are broadly imputing, just saying he won’t play those games.

And it’s probably worth noting that Avalon Penrose changed her voice’s natural register substantially to bring it to where it is in the game. She wasn’t forced to change the way she normally talks. Not even the opposite…I’m sure it was just an artistic choice.