Voice Comms and Routers

This may be more a hardware question, but it is related to gaming…

I’ve got a good Netgear router/firewall. When I try host a voice comms (e.g., Teamsound) session, the IP that the program gives me is my internal IP, not the “external” IP. So, for example, if I use a website to show me what it sees as my IP, it will report something like 66.xxx.xx.xx - but my voice comm program sets up as the “inside the router” IP, e.g. Obviously when I give that to my playing partner to hook up to, he just gets a connection error.

I know this is REAL simple, I just need to know how you set these voice comm programs up when you’re using a firewall/router (and setting it to DMZ still results in the program using the internal 192 IP.)


the fact that your voice comms program thinks you’re 192.x.x.x is irrelevant.

as long as your router is set to route incoming voice comm requests to your computer, you’re golden. the DMZ approach can work, as can port forwarding.

set yourself up as the DMZ and then tell your buddy to go point his voice comms program to your EXTERNAL ip address (http://www.whatismyipaddress.com, i think you mentioned having checked a site like this before) and everything should work out fine.

is this the information you needed, or did i misunderstand your question?

I think that’s exactly what I needed. I’ll test it tonight. I know I can chat with someone else when they host the voice comms, I just wanted to be able to do that myself.