Voice over net software + mac support

A friend and I were playing NWN multi before and we both decided that the chat interface isn’t that flash. We decided the best way to communicate is via a program like TeamSpeak. However we hit a snag.

My mate uses a mac, I use a PC. So far we cannot find a program that allows us to chat over the net and supports both types of computer.

We already tried AIM, but a) it’s shit b) it doesn’t have support for voice on Mac.

If any of you know of anything that will work, please for the love of god and all that is Holy, my ANU… oh wait…

any recommendations would be great.

Ok - so far we’ve got nothing. How about this

If I were to try make a program by myself
a) how hard would it be
b) what langauge should I use
c) Is there anything I should know about Macs that would make this hard

Voice over the internet software? Kinda hard. Your best bet is to do an port of an open-source app to the mac. Hit sourceforge and do some looking.