Voice Recorders

So in the course of my job it has come to pass that I need a Voice recorder of some type. I am looking at either a digital or Tape one but I am leaning more towards digital because the cost of use would be a lot lower. I have seen a few olympus and sony ones but I am not sure if they really work all that great. Does anyone have any suggestions for a rugged voice recorder thats going to hold up?

I really need one that I can activate easily while its in my pocket with out fiddling with it. I just want to see if anyone has one they love and they can suggest.

My wife and I have used a Sony model for a long time, one of the Memory Stick ones, and it’s fantastic. I don’t have the model number with me but it’s a fairly slender one about the size of a pack of gum. The software for listening/transcribing on the PC works very well as well. I’m not sure you’d be able to record well while it’s in your pocket without using an external mike, but on its own it picks up conversations very well when you have it out on the table, etc.

The department doens’t provide you with required surveillance equipment? That sucks, man.

Yeah man they dont provide us with a lot of shit we should have. Really the recorder is all about covering our asses when someone we stop says we said something. Its the only proof we have that it didn’t happen.

So as an update. I ended up with an Olympus digital voice recorder with something like 72 hours of recording time and it has a PC connection. I really wanted something that time / date stamped the records so that I could go back to one if I needed to.

Are you sure it doesn’t do timestamps? Maybe when you transfer the files off the voice recorder, they’ll have time/date stamps on them?

From the reviews, this one has time stamps:

Files can include multiple index points (for bookmarking important points) as well as user-added comments to identify files in addition to the automatic timestamp placed on them.

Sorry I should have been more clear. Yeah it does do time stamps which is a great feature.