Void Crew - Co-Op Space Exploration

I saw this just started Early Access and @BrianRubin of course has it wishlisted. Seems like you can walk around your ship during spaceflight/battles and have to in order to work the systems. There are extravehicular missions to run, and of course it’s all playable with 2-4 real players. Comparisons to Barotrauma and Deep Rock Galactic.


That right there’s a selling point.

That looks right up my alley. Thanks for the heads up!

Yeah I do plan on getting to it, but it’ll be a while.

NP. It’s in that Focus Interactive sale this week.

I hate to bring it up, but what this game looks like is kinda what I was hoping we’d get in Starfield, even if it were just a solo game built around the same sort of thing. I love the idea of running the ship systems during a firefight. Neat stuff there.

Thanks for putting this on my radar; first I’ve heard of it!

I’ve been wanting to tryout PULSAR: Lost Colony ever since it left Early Access (even went on sale yesterday too, coincidentally) but my Sea of Thieves crew are on console and my Guns of Icarus crews are scattered to the winds and long gone now. I dare say Void Crew will go the same way for me unfortunately, unless it ends up getting cross-play.

Yeah, this has always been such a clever and fun mode of co-op (and PvP) for me, whether it’s in the aforementioned games or smaller scale ones like Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime or Regular Human Basketball. I’m still sad that Worlds Adrift got canned. That looked like such a cool mix of things. Oh whoa: turns out it’s coming back! That video is a bit dry but it seems a good overview and segue from the old game to the new one, Lost Skies.

Seems like every new game these days is either a rogue-like, a co-op game, or both. Bleh.

BG3 and Starfield have been two huge releases within a month and while the former does support multiplayer, it’s not a co-op game like this is. From Software released Armored Core 6 recently and isn’t that primarily SP?

Seems to me there are good recent options of the don’t like the categories you mentioned.