Voodoo Extreme bites it

VE3D joined the evil empire of IGN. Ugh. Guess it’s time for me to start going to Blues instead, unless someone knows of a better general gaming news site…?

This is rather old news.

Try Gaming Groove for your mack daddy ho-cake pimp-slapping midget action in a double-wide.

haha! you beat me to it

I just noticed the brand new design

the news is so tiny and it is overshadowed by the massive IGN ads!

VE3D.com is now off my bookmarks list. Fuck em and fuck IGN

Jakub, being bought by IGN is old, but I think he is referring to the new site design released a little while ago (maybe an hour or so) – this is new news… check it out

Wow, that’s a really minor redesign. I hadn’t noticed.

I wonder if this means I should stop submitting FS updates to their news.

Ewww. Ugly and hard to read. And I had to sit through an interstitial of a mary-hu-ana leaf just to get to the damn site.

Okay, folks, what’s the best “we steal everyone else’s news so we don’t have to write our own” aggregation site nowadays? Cause it looks like VE3D is off the daily list now.

bluesnews.com is the best gaming news rag around – and he doesn’t “steal” news…

Now all thats needed is for IGN to buy Shacknews…

OMFG, the “new” VE3D is awful…just terrible…at least we have Blue’s and Shack to look to…until they get purchased…<shudder>…I also just noticed that the comments system “isn’t working.” Yeah, right, more like they didn’t want a bunch of “sell out” and “you suck” comments.

the ign message boards are already full of those comments

Gads. What a horrible layout. It’s impossible to read.

I support VE3D because they link to me whenever I submit stories. Unlike shack the guys at Voodoo are very indie friendly. Slashdot games looks like they might be as well, they linked the TCFH interview with a quickness, eventhough some of the forum posters ripped the game quite a bit.

That reminds me, what happened to Shack ES? It just redirects to Shacknews now.

ShackES was running on life support for awhile. The head guy there pulled the plug.

Does anyone see the point in this? Are they going to keep the format or just slowly absorb it into IGN? Do they think that they’ll keep the whole readership by making it another IGN site? They’ve also removed the comments, wonder why?

I gave up on them some time over the winter. They’ve really gone downhill I think over the last year. It’s too bad too, as I’ve enjoyed the site, for the most part over the years. :(

The only thing to ‘get’ at VE3d these days is the console wars threads… kind of invigorates me… its actually pretty funny sometimes. So pointless but entertaining anyways!


When they reinstate the per-story comments section, the rivers will run red, judging by the flames currently incinerating their message board. I wonder why IGN decided to absorb VE to this extent, with the IGN side menus, featured articles and Insider pimpage. And low-res layout.

There’s still Blues News and Evil Avatar… though between the three, they seem to be in some incestuous news postings… they always match within the hour on the same news tidbits. No bother really. As long as we get the basics somewhere!


I’ve been going here lately. Its a sort of clearinghouse for the major gaming sites: