Vote Sex

Oh baby:

Sex and politics have officially come together, with the Australian Sex Party obtaining approval from the Australian Electoral Commission for registration as a political party.

The commission, which announced the registration on its website, said it had received several objections.

The party’s convenor and likely future candidate Fiona Patten said the approval was evidence the commission cared about free speech “and the democratic rights of various groups in the community”.

“One of the reasons for establishing the party was to provide a positive platform for sexual issues amongst the negative notions of sex that most politicians and political parties have,” she said in a statement on Saturday.

“The fact that the AEC spent so much time considering the word `sex’ further exhibits our need for honest and open discussion about sexual matters - be they censorship, education, health or discrimination ones.”

A Swedish Pirate party? Australian Sex party? We Americans are BORING.

Oh, trust me: You’re not boring to watch from a distance.

Would this “distance” be just outside of cruise missile range?

I’d say that “at a distance” would mean from Mars. The world’s economic entanglement means we all have skin in the game.

If anything, the US has the opposite.

I recoginze that Camel from a pack of filterless cigarettes!

Wasn’t there an Italian Parliament (or whatever their governing house is called) that was a porn star?

Ilona Staller, yeah. She was briefly married to Jeff Koons, and ended up in an epic divorce / custody battle with him.

Her website. NSFW (no nudity, but yea)

Wow, vomit. First picture looks like a realdoll, 2nd picture looks like a man in drag.