Voting for the President of the USA - Round 2

Yes, I did one of these a few months ago, but wanted to see if anything’s changed now that we know who all the players are. I plan on doing this again after the Republican convention, and right around the election.

So far it’s a blowout!

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to predict the results of this poll.

The population of QT3 P&R is not representative of the American public.

With 1,500 odd registered nicks and 50 or so regular posters in the R&P forum, it’s not necessarily a given. That’s why I’m going to do this again after the Repub convention.

If you don’t think the results of this are a given - exactly what P&R forum are you reading? Because it sure ain’t this one.

Then I can only assume educated and informed = not voting for Bush. :)

We’s be more edjumacated!

George W Bush / Dick Cheney 4% [ 2 ]

Okay, who are the two jokers?!

Perhaps you should read the archive from back before the Iraq war…

Say what you want about the bias of these forums, but I wonder if the scales would have been so unbalanced four years ago…

Isn’t hindsight wonderful?

Still undecided: Kerry or Badnarik.

Someone should do a poll, “Did you vote for Gore or Bush.”

Not a US citizen, but would vote Kerry if I could.

Done and done.

Sames. :)

better poll question someone could ask in the future:

are you planning to switch your vote for a president from a different party than in 2000?

-gore '00 voter to bush '04
-bush '00 voter to kerry '04
-sticking with fascists, i mean, republicans
-sticking with commie terrorists, i mean, democrats
-sticking to third party
-gore '00 to nader '04
-nader '00 to kerry '04
-fecez, erectionz!

Opus for President! Penguin Lust Rulez!