Voting on Val

Inspired by the sub-thread inspired by Alan Au’s post here, a poll to determine what is Val Kilmer’s best movie role yet. The choices are in chronological order for ease of perusal. No fair voting for Tombstone just because Kurt “Bad Motherfucker” Russell was in it. Tears for Fears songs on the soundtrack, however, are a valid reason.

If anyone becomes the forum pariah by voting for Batman, well it’s not my fault.

For each time you do not vote for Doc Holliday, I shall kill you.

look tombstone was good but it wasnt shoot a laser beam through a stained glass window to make the worlds largest batch of popcorn good.

Shift6, are you some sort of stealthy lurker in our IRC channel? We just had this conversation the other day.

And yeah, Tombstone is obviously the only valid choice. And not because of Kurt Russell.

I took the poll before reading the other posts and I see that at least 5 other people feel the same way.

I liked Val Kilmer in most of his movie roles (from so-so to he’s pretty good) but I think he just really nailed it with Doc Holliday. He was so vivid in that picture that I can still see him sitting in a chair, leaning back with a hankerchief in his hand and blood on his lips.

Great character.

The Doors. Like, duh.

What, no votes for the homo-erotic subtext of sweaty, bare-chested volleyball with Iceman and Slider?

I would’ve voted for his cameo as Mentor in True Romance.

Val Kilmer is the patron saint of my city. Portraits and effegies can be found everywhere. As every Torontonian knows, there can be only one choice.

(It’s tombstone.)

Everyone who did not vote for Top Secret sucks.

So that would be everyone. :(

You know how they say if everyone seems crazy but you, maybe it’s you who’s actually crazy…?

Top Secret! He was teeth-gleamingly perfect for that role. Never seen tombstone so it lost out.

Never seen Tombstone? Okay, this vote should be DQ’d. You’re no daisy . . . you’re no daisy at all.

Truly, he was Tombstone’s huckleberry.

I should point out that I thought Tombstone sucked, so Top Secret is really my only option here. But hey, did anyone see him as Moses in the Ten Commandments musical last year?

Tombstone did suck, but Val Kilmer was still incredibly badass, and it had not one but TWO killing montages.

I’m going to have to go with his episode of Entourage.

I voted for Tombstone, but only because his role as Ray Levoi in Thunderheart wasn’t a choice.

No love for the intergalactic space janitor in Mission to Mars (or Red Planet, I forget), either.

I voted Morrison, because he pretty much became Jim Morrison for that film.

Tombstone, then Thunderheart.