Networking gurus, please settle a debate:

Confining the question to Microsoft operating systems, can a VPN be set up on an XP Pro machine or does it require Windows Server?

On the client side or the server side? On the client side, I VPN in to work from my XP Pro notebook all the time. Server side, I’m not sure. [edit: just checked and I can configure my XP Pro system to accept incoming VPN connections also using the Network Connections wizard].

[EDIT] Didn’t see that the question was already asked.

I’d say if it’s server then XP Pro won’t do the trick.

Sorry: server side.

Hrm…looks like I guessed wrong…Brewers says it will work.

Here’s how I did it using XP Pro SP1:

Start | Settings | Network Connections | New Connection Wizard

  1. Click on Next
  2. Select Set up an advanced connection
  3. Select Accept incoming connections
  4. Choose your network device(s)
  5. Select Allow virtual private connections
  6. Set incoming user permissions
  7. Choose which network services to allow

The nearest thing I can come up with for SP2 only lists a parallel port as a viable incoming connection (my computer is running fine on the network here, so I would expect at least a TCP/IP option).

Same here.

Having done some reading, it seems that you should skip the LPT1/modem page without selecting any devices if you want to use the system’s primary network connection for incoming sessions. Apparently the system will use the primary network connection by default but you can configure it to use the parallel port or phone modem instead if desired.

Also, if your VPN server is behind a router, you will need to forward the appropriate ports (TCP 1723, UDP 500) to your VPN server and you may also need to enable PPTP and/or IPSec Passthrough.

What do you know? I was wrong.

Many thanks.