VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!



Okay, so I’ve got a new issue–when I set the output device in Windows to the HTC-Vive, the level in the volume mixer goes to 0% and can’t be changed. I try to drag the slider up and it just jumps back down to the bottom. This hasn’t happened to me previously… any ideas?

EDIT: Never mind… I guess restarting my PC fixed whatever the problem was.


Played around a lot with my new oculus touch.

The Oculus touch tutorial thing is really good. The whole family loved it.
Tiltebrush is a heckuva a lot of fun
Discovering Space 2 is also very good. A nice alternate way of looking at things if you want a break from Elite Dangerous (which is still space king)
Google Earth VR is great but is also vomit inducing in longer sessions. Upper limit is 5 mins for me.

All in all a great time. I need to do the Trekkie bridge game next!


That’s the ‘first contact’ thing hey? It’s excellent! Such a great ‘wow’ intro to touch controls. Also cool to try is the previous demo, the Oculus Toybox. So cool - much less polished, but grabbing things and smashing them into other things, bouncing a ball on a paddle, throwing boomerang things, all sorts of tactile interactions.

Does Touch still come with Quill and Medium? Quill is like Tiltbrush but more ‘painty’, less ‘effecty’. With great zoomable paintings.

Medium is def. worth a try, sculpting in VR is so intuitive! Though it’s a bit difficult to learn to move your hands accurately in 3D, molding shapes in clay and spraypainting them is awesome. Most interesting I think is the way they’ve done the tutorials - the tutor’s avatar is sculpting away in VR next to you, chatting in your ear (you can play/pause them etc.). Of course you can record your own as well.


This seems like a very good fit for MMOs, but I haven’t heard much about that genre. Anyone know of anything that’s available or in development?


I don’t think it’s a good fit for MMOs as currently designed - free locomotion is a big no-no and you’d need to design the game around teleporting, you’re fairly limited in the number of inputs a game can have (unless you can rely on people having a HOTAS or similar), and it can be tricky to read text. Inventory management would probably be a nightmare. It can be great for social gaming, however, as demonstrated by the likes of Star Trek and Keep Talking…, so potentially some new kind of “MMO” would be amazing, but it wouldn’t look anything like WoW.


Thanks will check those out!!


Skyrim and Fallout 4 VR will be coming out.


These just arrived.

Really solidly made. I’ll be taking the base stations off of the wall later on and setting these up. Then I can patch and paint the holes in the wall.

Also arriving today.

You know what they say, in for a penny, flies like an arrow. :)

Edit: Hmmm. I paid $44.95 for the stands and the Vive adapters. Now they’re $75.00. I’m cool with that.


Got into my Vive last night to try out some of the Rec Room stuff I hadn’t played yet - ended up spending my entire VR playtime in Steam VR Home. I flipped from environment to environment doing all the dumb quests for items and had a hell of a time doing it. Best of all, now my VR Home is so much cooler than yours. But I have a feeling I’ll be in real trouble if they add loot boxes to this.




So I hooked up the base stations to the new telescoping light stands. And I plugged in all of the cables. This included a set of earbuds with a mic. The mic part is important. I usually used them only for listening to music.


So I get it all set up. And there I am in the SteamVR home area. I’m looking for the thing to start the front camera. I’m not really thinking, I just want my VR.

I look around and my old set of walls are totally wrong. I’m talking to myself, as the old man that I am.

This isn’t right.
I can see myself?
This needs to be fixed.
What do I click for…

And a voice says, “What’s the problem? Do you need help.?”

And I freaked. Not that I did anything weird. I just jumped. I was thinking, Are you God? :)

So I explained that I had reset the area of the room by changing the position of the base stations. He kindly explained that I had to do the original setup on my comp. I thanked him and logged off.

I told the wife about it and she almost died laughing. She knows that I have anxiety issues. She understood my shock. We had a good laugh together. And then I decided to get my VR fix tomorrow.

TL;DR Tried VR. Heard a strange voice. Noped out until another day.


Visualize your dream
Record it in the present tense
Put it into a permanent form
If you persist in your efforts
You can achieve dream control
Dream control
How’s that then, better?
Dream control
Dream control (hug me)
Dream control
Hug me


Rock and/or roll sir. Keep on rocking and/or rolling. :)


Why was someone listening to you?




What do you think a secret phase conjugate tracking system is for?


I’m guessing that, in my clicking around, I opened a chat room accidentally.


Anyone pick up VR titles now that the sale is going?

I grabbed Omega Agent and SportsBar VR, will try them out tonight. I’m also trying to decide between Everspace and Elite Dangerous, and whether or not to get a shooter like Arizona Sunshine.


Going to get Dirt Rally when I get home. Picking up my Oculus Touch on the way as well, so I’ll have Robo Recall and Dead N Buried as well.