VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


Absolutely. I am trying to play echo arena competitively and the cable is constantly getting wrapped around me. You can mitigate this to some extent with an extension cable, or really go all out and use a ceiling mounted cable system, but out of the box without an extension cable you can only really spin around maybe one time depending on how far away from your PC you are.

That being said for a lot of games it just doesn’t matter. Echo Arena is a bit unique in that it can require a lot of movement (especially if you are not good at maneuvering with your throws off walls and thrusters). Almost every day I hear someone punching a ceiling fan or punching a wall, and reddit has had a lot of stories of people breaking monitors and what not.


Yeah, I found Echo Arena particularly bad for it. You really have to use the right stick to change your view as much as turning your body, or you’ll get twisted up quick.


I remember reading someone’s fantastic idea to basically mount a hook on their ceiling and route their VR headset’s cable through it. So no cables on the ground, just a cable going from the PC to the ceiling and then back down to the headset. Seemed pretty simple and effective, and something I’d definitely try if I get a VR headset before they’re 100% wireless.


That’s the setup my friend uses, I believe.


Cable’s sorta short though. Do Hdmi extenders cause problems? Do you have to get “active” extensions like with USB?


But then what if you walk too far away from the hook and rip everything out?

If you’re doing that, you should go all out and setup a retractable spring-loaded mount, like they have on gas pumps.


You’re still going to end up twisting the cable with a roof mounted system, unless someone has invented a swivel USB cable adapter.


You just described a profitable Kickstarter.


…or you could just be mildly careful with the cable plugged into the PC.

Its one cable guys. no need to build the fortress of solitude



Hmm. Does this not exist?

This is the closest I could find:


There’s some cheap extendable lamp at Ikea, I think, that people are using as a flexible cable arm that keeps everything tidy and out of your way as you walk around the room.


Touch controllers arrived this morning. Got it set up and played a little bit of Robo Recall. I also like the the intro demo scene with the robot and the 3d printer. I have a rather confined space in my office, so I think I will turn off guardian. Is there a way to clear it? I tried to do the guardian setup and skip it, which gives a warning about it not being set, but the old boundary still exists. Wondering if I just need to reboot, or if I need to go through a full setup.


Yeah press the button that brings up the Oculus home menu and one of the options on bottom left lets you turn Guardian off, or use just floor boundaries with no walls.


400$ deal is so close to being worth it. God I wish I could spend that much on something. Stupid wedding, and saving for a house, and stupid 600 dollar car repair bill.


Echo Arena and Lone Echo just released. Echo Arena is free to own forever if you download it within the first 3 months, sponsored by Intel.


I am in Canada and ordered last Thursday through Oculus and other than a reply email saying order received I’ve got nothing. It hasn’t been shipped yet. Any Canadians get theirs shipped yet?


I haven’t ordered one yet, so I can’t comment on their shipping updates, but I do have a few words of caution for Canadians ordering direct from Oculus:

When I bought my last DK2, I got dinged with taxes and duty at delivery to the tune of 15% + other fees on my order. I mean sure it’s fair, but Oculus doesn’t really mention where the order is coming from, so they get away with not charging taxes up-front because they’ll probably be collected upon delivery.


From my experience, once it does actually ship at least it arrives pretty quick!


2:20 pm I ask on QT3 about Oculus Rift shipping

3:46 pm I get an email from Oculus that it has shipped

QT3 is awesome and extremely powerful


So let it be written…