VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


Digital Foundry analysis says Rez does have issues in PC VR, with it’s locked frame-rate:

The issue is that the game appears to be designed for 60 frames per second. We already failed to uncap the frame-rate but, in VR, it seems that the 60Hz gameplay is forced to run at each headset’s native 90Hz. The result is a visible double-image effect and motion simply isn’t as smooth as it should be as a result. It’s still enjoyable, but the game’s legacy code seems to present a problem when running at higher frame-rates.


Apparently this doesn’t apply to Area X, which by all accounts is the best bit of Rez Infinite.


Yeah, that’s the ‘new’ bit, made in UE4.


So far my biggest gripe about VR is that in most cockpit games I’ve tried (E:D, DCS, Dirt Rally, etc) I’m rarely at the correct position inside the vehicle. I’m either sitting too low or too far back, so I have to “reset HMD” position. But every game is different. DR is left-ctrl, E:D is F12, DCS is numpad-5 (I think). Is there a universal, global button I can press instead? Seems like there should be a button on the HMD itself for this.


Oculus has a item in its menu where you can reset the view for the app


Yeah, like vyshka says, there’s a “reset view” button on the Oculus menu (some games have a button in-game to do it as well). This takes care of that problem.

Took me a bit to find that, since I spent the first part of Elite feeling like I had my head shoved up my ass.


Ahhh, ok found it. That’s definitely a handy thing to know about! Dirt Rally is especially annoying as it keeps putting me in the backseat (maybe the game is trying to tell me something).

Tried out DCS today and holy smokes, that’s a pretty game. The way the sunlight hits the inside of the cockpit as you’re flying around, really nice effect.

Also tried out the NoLimits Roller Coaster demo and nope’d out of that one pretty quick. That’s the only VR title I’ve tried so far that made me instantly sick to my stomach. I kinda knew it would, from what I’ve read about VR motion and not physically feeling the G forces, just wanted to experience it for myself.


It’s the only VR experience that gives me any meaningful motion sickness (though the scrolling in Lucky’s Tale is, well, eerie). But I love it anyway. I spend about half of my first week with the headset in the demo and on 360 videos of rollercoasters.


Tried something new on my Vive last night. I was looking through my Humble keys and saw that Project Cars was in there. Downloaded it and gave it a shot. Neat experience. Note that I am a TERRIBLE race driver. In novice mode they do have a sort of guide on the track showing where you should be and how fast that you should be going. I think that I need to tweak the video settings as there was some flickering on things that were far away. One sort of ironic thing kind of made me laugh. I have a VR headset on giving me a full 360 degree view… Had to stare straight ahead at the track for the whole race.


Try a go kart race in Project CARS in VR. Being so close to the ground and not really having a cockpit in the same sense is… interesting. It feels like you could reach out and touch the other racers sometimes.


bought a PSVR + camera for a discounted price at amazon.de I might be sending it back if I get motion sickness again (like I had with the rift dev kit) … those move controllers are expensive! so no move yet … so what is the best PSVR experience?
I bought Thumper VR (never tried it, but it looks great) and REZ is a must have, but what else? I feel like I am too scared to play even the kitchen demo from RE7 …


The Batman VR game is great while it lasts. I’d pick it up on a sale unless you’re loaded. Can’t speak to PSVR exclusives, but Superhot is amazing, Star Trek Bridge Crew and Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes are good multiplayer experiences and if you’re into Jeff Minter, Polybius is supposed to be his best in years. I assume Driveclub VR is worth trying, because cockpit games are a natural fit for VR.


Robo Recall is my fave so far. Elite’s too complicated so far and Dirt Rally made me queasy. Defense Grid is surprisingly good too.


RR is an Oculus exclusive isn’t it?


Ah no idea.


Yes, though Vive folks can play it via Revive.



Huzzah! I bought my CV1 expecting to continue my shenanigans in Elite and play a bunch of new stuff only to be mostly sucked into playing Robo Recall over and over. It’s remarkable how fun it is for being a game so light on content.


Yeah, custom built for VR too. I tried the Echo Arena tutorial and that did nothing for me so far. Will retry that one.


Lone Echo is great and plays totally different to Echo Arena, other than the movement controls, so bear that in mind.


I brought Dead Effect VR since I’ve heard good things about it, it’s on sale and I wanted something meaty. It’s pretty decent so far, VR makes even the generic Doom 3 looking zombies scary.

I can’t play it for too long though. I don’t usually have problems with motion sickness but the combination of standing + full locomotion is something else.

In other news, InXile has a pretty good deal going on for Rift owners. Buy Mage’s Tale (their VR game) and get Torment and Wasteland 2 for free.