VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


I could see a product like the Go being popular with social/community-driven titles like VRChat and AltSpaceVR. For $200 they will sell a lot of them.


I was blown away by The Void, loved it, raved unconditionally about it here Best VR Experiences of 2017

It isn’t something I would be super keen to repeat as it really is like an interactive movie experience rather than a ‘game’ but since you absolutely MUST experience it count me in fo a revisit if that is what it takes to get you there, seriously! :-P


This Beat Saber game looks good. Guitar Hero X Light Sabers


It does looks (sounds) amazing.


Started this up at the weekend and did a few jumps. Yet to get any ship to ship combat, other than the tutorial, but it’s basically FTL with multiplayer FPS combat as far as I can tell. Seems like a cool idea, and I love that it gives you the option of free locomotion.


I tried Robinson the Journey, and stopped frustrated. I expected falling in a planet, then slowly build a homebase. But the game is not delivered like that. Or maybe some trigger misfired and I was stuck on the tutorial. I must watch some Lets Play to see what I did wrong.


Wow. Amazon has a fire sale on Windows Mixed Reality headsets right now, with all the models except for the Samsung at about 50% off.

Just ordered a Dell Visor for my second PC. Looks like it’s gonna be multiplayer VR flight sim combat with the kid!

They all have similar specs, but the Dell is the choice of the current models due to widest FOV (110 degrees) and headset comfort. $229 with controllers!

Whatever your take on Windows Mixed Reality, the Windows Store, etc., these things support Steam VR, so you can essentially run almost everything that runs on the Vive.

(If the Dell runs out, the Acer is supposed to be really good as well.)


I have two Gear VRs and I’m in the market for one for two main reasons:

  • I’m tired of having to assemble and disassemble the thing whenever I want to use VR. And especially where my phone is concerned, I have smudges, marks and such on the screen protector that show up in VR.

  • It’ll run apps faster than any phone (with less power usage and less heat) because the entire thing is dedicated to just running VR apps.


That seems far from a given. You’re comparing a $200 relatively niche all-in-one headset to a mass produced $700–$800 handset, plus $80 or whatever the Gear headset costs. Supposedly the Go is rocking a Snapdragon 821, and I’m sure Wumpus would be delighted to tell you how underpowered that is.


The hardware specs themselves are only one part of the performance equation. Remember how one of the first things we used to do to Windows PCs was reformat it to get rid of all the junk and bloatware to make things faster for gaming? And then someone says “Dude, WinBlows is a !@#$ing pig, if you want to get max performance out of your computer, uninstall that crappy OS and install Linux!”

You have the same thing going on with SOC and the Android OS it ships with. If you can (and Oculus can–I used to work there) throw away the reference software and instead optimize and rewrite it with extreme purpose, you can get large performance increases.


But it’s binary compatible with Gear VR so there’s a limit to how much rewriting they can do, unless they run an emulation layer, which would being it’s own performance hit.


I just ordered a Dell. Read up on these headsets in the pre-release articles last fall, but never followed up on actually buying one. I got the impression at the time the Samsung was the one to beat, but more expensive. The Dell does seem like a good second choice, though; thanks for the tip!

I guess I should play Elite, now?


Yeah, I’d liked to have picked up the Samsung, but alas, not on sale.

And yeah, when it arrives you should definitely play Elite. Check out IL-2 and AerofFly FS2 as well, if you like the airplane stuff.


All these mixed reality headsets support two levels of system requirements - minimum supports 60fps and a limited set of content while “Ultra” is the usual 90fps and all content from oculus/vive

Has anyone actually tried this with the minimum requirements? My 2017 Surface Pro allegedly supports it but I’m curious to know what the subjective experience is.


Tech Report try out some eye tracking and foveated rendering stuff. Hope at least one of the headset manufacturers adopts it…



Tried out the Dell-visor-mixed-reality-vr thing yesterday evening! There’s over 1800 posts in this thread, so we may as well have another opinion on the experience:

The Microsoft Mixed-Reality setup/cliff-house stuff went smoothly. I only set up for the standing/sitting environment and not the room environment, though. A big selling point for me was the inside-out tracking, since for now and at least for the next few months, I’m not in a space where I can play and move around, really, and mounting crap on the walls or whatever seems lame.

First game I hopped into was the Windows Store version of Minecraft (I’m not sure if the normal Java version has VR support?) where I punched a few trees, and walked off a cliff. And experimented with various locomotion settings to give myself that authentic VR induced motion sickness feeling, haha. It was neat, but didn’t really sell me on the idea that I should only be playing Minecraft in VR or anything, but it does seem like it would be fun to hop into the world and experience it like that now and then, when I feel like being a tourist among my shoddy creations.

SteamVR mostly went smoothly. Centering was a big problem for me and it took me a while to realize I was centered 90 degrees to the right of where I should have been. I’m guessing, but it doesn’t seem SteamVR is getting the positioning data correctly/directly after setting it up with the Microsoft software in seated-mode. Then there is the issue of launching games and having them appear centered on wherever you happened to be looking at some point in the launch cycle. I found that if I go to the detail screen, hit the recenter button, and launch the game from there, that I have better luck than launching directly from that SteamVR living-room-thing. But it’s a process that took longer to work out than I would like to admit. Got stuck at the Subnautica title screen for a few minutes before realizing the menu was somewhere below floor level for some reason. Then there was the time I launched SteamVR and it had me 180 degrees off center. Did not realize centering was going to be as big an issue as it has been, but there we go.

Also, Subnautica was the neatest thing I’ve experienced so far. Playing with the gamepad, the only thing that irked me was I couldn’t change pitch when swimming by moving the right stick up and down - it doesn’t do anything. Had to move my head up and down in a way that is in no way reasonable for really playing the game because there is a weird helmet thing on my head. I can understand disabling the pitch on land when walking, but it doesn’t seem necessary in water. A nit-pick, maybe. It was, regardless, the most enjoyable movement outside of a cockpit view.

Tried some other games I happened to have: Project Cars was fun but looked just awful for some reason. Apparently the sequel fairs better in VR, but I don’t have it. Did the first training mission in Elite a few times, but need to change my input to minimize accidental rolling (I was using the mouse), because, wow, that makes my stomach churn pretty quickly. I tried getting Euro Truck Simulator 2 running in VR, but all I got was my vision filled with a tiny corner of the loading animation. Checked out Obduction, too, which I finished not long ago. Might be worth another visit to see if I can give myself vertigo on the cliff paths.

I’m using a GTX 980. I guess that’s over a couple years old, now, and I didn’t have any performance issues, lucky me.

My feeling at the moment is that cockpit games are going to be my thing, with some virtual tourism in the survival/crafting genre. At least until I get the space to take better advantage of the VR controller-enabled games. I tried that Blade Runner apartment/axe-body-spray simulator, but I dropped the revolver that starts the game and since I was sitting down it fell below where my actual floor was. No way to get to it without punching a hole into the basement, heh. But bopping balloons in the SteamVR introduction was strangely satisfying, so I’m pretty certain I’m missing out on a chunk of VR-unique stuff without having some room to wiggle around.

No big complaints about the hardware. The visor was comfortable enough. Took some experimenting to get the tightness and placement more or less right. Easy to get on and off, and the hinge is nice to have, too. The weight didn’t bother me. The controllers were easy to use, and I didn’t have any tracking issues. Didn’t get too hot or sweaty, but I was literally just loafing on the couch with a cat in my lap the whole time which has always been the best way to experience the technology of the future.

Still trying to figure out how to get better clarity around the edges of the screens. I have some blur and the tightness of the visor impacted that a lot more than I expected (tighter the better, but don’t want the top of my head to pop off), so I think I still need to work that out a little more. I also need to get my pupil distance setting correct, I guess. Tried this online measurement tool a dozen times and think I’ve got a good value to use next session. I’ll ask my optometrist what my actual measurement is in my next exam in a few weeks.

I’ve read that fiddling with the super-sampling can improve the overall visual quality, but haven’t done too much with that, yet, other than crank it up to maximum that one time, which didn’t go all that well, predictably. There are a few other settings in SteamVR that basically have no comprehensible description that I need to look up and see what they do.

I also have an issue with light bleed around elements on the screen (usually bright white HUD elements placed along the edges). Really noticeable in Subnautica. Overall, the brightness seems a little high, and the contrast a little low. Really noticed it in Race the Sun. Race the Soup. Another setting to check for in-game, I guess.

I’m also left somewhat curious how the visual quality improves given the seemingly small increments to resolution that are around right now. I guess if the screen is basically mounted on your eye-ball adding an extra 160 lines must be noticeable? Or is it? That is what the Samsung visor has over the Dell, I think. Anyway, no big buyers remorse, yet. Way happy that I spent $225 instead of $450, though. I can just about justify it to myself at this price.


You can almost guarantee they’ve been working on it. Oculus’ Michael Abrash has said in the past how essential it is, and I think Apple bought some eye tracking company not too long ago.


I have been trying to get some sort of enjoyment from my new acer mixed reality headset. It has been a complete fail. Most games don’t work as advertised, the interface (especially trying to get it to work with steam) is frustrating, the overall experience is lame at its best and just one aggravation after another.
Basic stuff like them saying ‘Use Windows Key + Y to switch the mouse between controlling your PC’s desktop and the Windows Mixed Reality home’ and me finding that it doesn’t work at all. Hell, they don’t even have an obvious way for you to exit or shut down the VR program.
I don’t believe that I should buy a product and then have to spend most of my time googling to find work-arounds.
I have literally spent a total of 10 minutes within games and 4 hours trouble-shooting and trying to get them started.


This is good :) Welcome aboard! Glad you are enjoying it!


Did you switch to the VR build and use the -openvr launch instruction? I’m not sure the former is still necessary, but you’ll definitely have to do the latter.