VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


I would guess there will be a higher def oculus within a year so then. In general I prefer its lighter footprint to the vive cats cradle so I can wait.

I would also say for Vive a cut price point of $500 will not move the needle sales wise. Its still more expensive than the Oculus and thats not doing particularly well.


Anyone have thoughts on From Other Suns? Oculus store has a number of duo packs priced at $29.99 right now, and with the $15 credit from the outage the other day there are some decent deals.

Right now looking at From Other Suns and Eleven Table Tennis VR.

They also have:

The Climb + Job Simulator
Eve Valkyrie + Sprint Vector
Onward + Sparc (already own Onward)
AZ Sunshine + Superhot VR
Raw Data + Boxvr


I haven’t played a hell of a lot but it’s kind of cool. The idea of it is pretty great.

It’s basically a co-op FPS with some FTL-lite bits joining it together. I only ever played it solo. Procedural star map and ship/station interiors, Borderlands-ish procedural weapons, fairly atmospheric.

It seemed like there wasn’t a lot of variety though, all the ships I beamed into had the same tile set. Maybe later in the game there’s more.

But it’s all well executed, with solid options for locomotion and good use of the Touch controls. And the idea of beaming aboard ships to raid or capture them is awesome.

I prefer it to the others in your list that I’ve played* (Climb, Eve, AZ), it’s easily worth a tenner.

*except Superhot which is pretty amazing.


I’ve got about the same opinion of From Other Suns. Definitely fun but it leaves you wishing it was a hell of a lot deeper. Well worth playing though.


Thank you for your order. We’re excited that you chose VIVE, and we’ll do everything we can to make your VIVE experience perfect.

I bit the bullet. Had to. Maybe I can sell my used first-gen headset in order to partially recoup some of that exorbitant, outrageous, boutique price.

It’s worth mentioning that up until June 3rd, pre-orders come with a 6-month subscription to Viveport. That seems like a good value that could save me a decent amount in VR software purchases. Those add up.

Shipping in three weeks! YIIIEEEEE!!!


I need impressions, man! I gotta know what that cockpit text looks like.


Interesting haptic project at Microsoft:



Been having a blast with In Death.

(also on steam)

It’s a roguelike where your attack comes from using a bow and arrow. I love the locomotion system - you either fire a teleportation arrow, or you throw a teleportation dagger shard thing.

The music is very classical ‘holy’ feeling church stuff. You really feel like you’re in purgatory =) As you accomplish achievements, new stuff gets added to the procedural worlds you play in like new types of arrows and more difficult enemies.

It’s a very satisfying game. There’s a lot of strategy in how you position yourself relative to your enemies and how you tackle the levels, what arrows you use, blocking with your shield, etc. It also has a nice leaderboard, though I am nowhere even close to even the ‘best of the day’ scores.

As a bonus to this addictive game, you get a mild workout as well, though nowhere near the level of something like Soundboxing, Sprint Vector, Echo Arena, or Thrill of the Fight.


Category: Early Access

From your description is sounds like another “shooting gallery high score” type game, which traditionally are light on content. And looking at the updates, while devs have been very active with patches since Feb 2 release, it seems there’s no actual new content added yet.

So how much content is there and how much is left to add for the full release? Archery is cool and I need to spend this Oculus voucher, but I’m a bit over shooting galleries. :)

Oh and can you save on exit? I read something about no saves.


Well, it is a roguelike, in that every time you start you get a new randomly generated world. It is pretty difficult, at least it was for me starting out and getting used to aiming arrows. You move around the world and kite enemies, and lead them into favorable fighting areas. As you go through the level you earn gold that you can use to upgrade your arrows and or get some health back and maybe other stuff. At the end of the level you enter a dungeon and then there is a boss fight, and then the world resets.

As for how much content there is, I haven’t played it a whole lot so it’s hard to say. As you accomplish things in the game, you unlock new things for further playthroughs. For instance, if you kill something like 10 archer enemy types in one run, a new type of archer might open up. I don’t know how many enemy types you eventually unlock, although it gets significantly more difficult. For instance, when you start, there are only 3 main enemy types, an archer type, a sword man guy, and a zombie guy. Even though that doesn’t sound like a lot, you can be under a lot of pressure especially when you enter a big room full of enemies with zombies rushing at you, the swordmen approaching you and at the same time having to deal with the archers. Generally I will exit the room and start killing enemies as they come after me through a doorway, but the archer’s can also teleport! so it can be a bit dangerous.

RIght now I am dealing with significantly more dangerous archer types that fire multiple rounds of arrows (so that if I’m facing even 2 of them at once I’d better move to a more favorable position), swordmen with shields so you have to aim at their face or non shielded body, and I just unlocked some kind of super dangerous archer enemy type that fires a very quick arrow directly at you that is much harder to deal with and block.

I’d say the replayability is definitely there, because you always have a different level loadout, you’re unlocking new stuff, and you can go for high scores on the leaderboard. The game is pretty difficult. Some of my runs only last around 10 minutes or less and the game is getting significantly more difficult, although now that I am becoming familiar with the game I am also a much better archer =)

Unfortunately I don’t know how many new types of enemies open up so I’m not sure how long the content slowly feeds in, though I have seen some youtube videos with enemies I’ve never encountered before. You could wait for more content, but I think what is there already will last you for a long time, especially if you’re going for high scores which I’m nowhere even close to approaching =)


Ah didn’t reply to your question about saving: Feature Update 20666
Feature: At the starting island of Purgatory II and higher, you now have an option to take a break, exit the game safely and later continue from that point in your next game session. If you step off the starting island and engage the enemies, the continue point becomes unavailable and you must reach the starting island of the next Purgatory chapter to make use of this feature. We hope this alleviates the long play sessions some of you pros are experiencing!


Humble Bundle’s $15 tier includes Obduction. I was never a Myst fan, but that kind of experience in VR sounds like it could be cool.

Anyone tried Obduction on Rift? Worth $15 for that and a bunch of other games that will add to my Steam backlog? ;)


I played a bit of Obduction on the Rift. I can say it is quite the experience because of the visual nature of the game, although I could never play it for very long. I guess it’s because of how bright the game is? My eyes would start hurting after a while. I didn’t experience this with any other VR title but maybe it’s just me.

The game isn’t native to VR and you can tell. It’s been converted to VR. So you don’t really have an interactive world like Job Simulator, there are touch interactions but they’re a bit basic.

All in all though just being in the world in VR is a great experience and I plan to return to this soon.


Thanks for in-depth notes @Zenchess, appreciate it. I can’t see any better way to spend my credit on Oculus store right now so I think I’m going to take the plunge! :)


Thanks, @Zenchess! And thanks, @Profanicus, as I didn’t realize it was on sale in the Oculus Store for $15. If you were spending your own cash, Humble Bundle would make more sense, as you’d get a bunch of other games to add to the backlog and maybe never play. But with that $15 credit…


Looks like they launched Catan VR for GDC. $15 in the oculus store.


Yeah brought it down to a tenner in the local currency. Bargain! :)


Oculus Rift is down to $249 on Amazon without the VR controllers right now. If you want a full-featured VR rig, you want the Rift Touch controllers. But if you’re just looking for something for simulators like DCS or Elite, that’s a pretty killer price of entry.

Sims are still 90% of what I play on mine. I try out lots of other stuff just for the experience, but rarely play sustained games outside of flight sims in VR.


Bargain! (if you don’t plan to ever use one of the best bits about VR)

And you could pick up the Touch controllers and 2nd sensor seperately later, for not much more than buying the full bundle.


Oculus Rift edition of LA Noire will be released today! If it winds up on the Oculus store, might be a good way to spend that $15 credit.

Also, there are rumors about a VR mode for No Man’s Sky in an upcoming patch. That could be cool.