VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


yeah cook your own in the editor, or ill post some of mine in the morning. i run msaa off. very important as that one will eat all of the frames. rest on high except vis distance on medium. im on a 1070. 45fps is enough. the f-15 is a real plane. the f-5e is just more real lol.


/me Checks recommended system requirements, 120GB of disk space?? Ouch


yup, 125gb on disc with all maps and most of the planes and choppers. its smaller if you add less stuff.


Screens for headsets getting continuing development… This is about much higher pixel density plus a wider fov and foveated rendering. More of a POC than a shipping product but heartening…



You had to make it weird.


Summer sale at Oculus…

The only thing that appealed much to me was 30% off Superhot. I’m waiting for a deal on Lone Echo, and that’s about all the VR specific stuff I want to see. Other than that I’ll try Subnautica and Skyrim.


I came across this little trick to enhance Oculus image quality:

pretty dramatic effect for me. Makes reading the cockpit in DCS easier and Elite a whole lot prettier.


Didn’t do anything noticable for me.


huh. odd. I got deeper blacks and better contrast in all the VR games I play (Il2, DCS and Elite)


There’s always the chance I’m ‘doing it wrong’ but I’m no stranger to regedit, and I brought the service down with Tray Tool before making changes.

edit: I read it may have little effect if you’re already using the ‘full dynamic range’ setting for the Rift in the Nvidia control panel, which I was.

edit2: Okay it is doing something, as I noticed it’s definitely reduced some of the black smear in dark areas!


Latest Technolust 2 “Aircar” demo:


Is that playable?


Well, it looks like he’s playing it, so I’d guess so :P

But, no, it doesn’t look like it’s available for us unwashed masses to try out yet.


I picked up an Oculus Go yesterday, and have been playing around with it.

Pretty impressed so far, especially for the price. Really hoping that a higher adaption rate will result in more cool content being developed for it. Probably the biggest disappointment is there are no Google apps yet available for it (like Youtube, though the system browser’s video player is pretty good).

My favorite game i’ve played so far is probably Pinball FX2 VR. After playing FX pinball in VR, its going to be really hard to go back to 2D tables on a TV. Also, love the extra animations and effects added in the VR version.

Does anyone have any suggestions for games or apps i should check out that are available on the Oculus Go/Gear VR?


The netflix app is good and hilarious to use on a plane.


Believe it or not, two of my favorite games on the Gear VR are not available for the Oculus Go yet; Vendetta Online and Minecraft. I can, however, recommend AltspaceVR, Dreadhalls, and Land’s End.

Edit: hours after I posted this the VO devs rolled an update saying Go is now supported: https://www.vendetta-online.com/x/msgboard/1/35047


PSVR darling Moss is out on PC now.


So, I’m curious, is it normal to feel a little motion sick after the first few days of using VR? Is it something that improves with time, or will it always be a problem? I’m not like vomiting or anything, but feel a little dizzy after extended sessions.


Not unusual I don’t think. I’d avoid extended sessions to start with.