VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


I keep seeing some talk about Dreams on the VR reddits but haven’t looked into it yet.


We just got done doing two swarms, one with people who own high end VR rigs, and one with non-adopters. Identical question sets for both.

You know which company was rated overwhelmingly in both groups as a potential game changer in the VR landscape if they jump in?

Starts with an “N” and rhymes with Gintendo. Over Apple, LG, Disney, Netflix and Amazon.


Hahahaha. Was LG a control or something?


For moderately skilled ping pong players and below (not club level!) Eleven is probably the best ping pong VR on the market: https://store.steampowered.com/app/488310/Eleven_Table_Tennis_VR/

I found it easier on Rift than Vive , both because of smoother performance and less likelihood of hitting the wrong button mid-swing, but could just be random issues with the computers involved


VR ping pong? Egad, that sounds terrible! I’m flashing back to trying to convince myself there was actual gameplay in Wii Tennis. :)

We should be so lucky.

Only Dirt Rally, the game in the series immediately preceding Dirt 4, has VR support. Based on Dirt 4’s improved engine and how little the developers have said about a VR version, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. Still, Dirt Rally’s VR support is top-notch. Project Cars is fine and all, but Dirt Rally is more immediately accessible if you just want to get in a car and blow your mind for how amazing it is to drive around in VR. The rough-and-tumble of rally racing lends itself better to faffing about in VR much more than the precision demands of a game like Project Cars.

Hmm, now I really want VR support for Wreckfest…



I’d love it if some progress could me made with feedback to your hands from VR. I think all the visual shortcomings are solvable by continuing trends we already know how to do but the tendency of your hands to pass through solid objects is a big limitation IMO.


Yeah we’ve seen some work being done on that, using gloves with force feedback. There’s this patent from Oculus:

You could see how that could be extended to limit/lock movement rather than just provide feedback, which is kind of what these do as well:

But imagine the potential health and safety issues if something goes wrong! ;)

Related but more difficult to solve is how anything you pick up in VR has zero weight.


Give us a map in Vietnam and the ability to run medevac missions and I would be a happy camper. I believe it does have the ability mission wise, so give me a damn Vietnam map!


Haptx has also been working on a system, but the prototype is pretty unwieldy and no idea what the final product would cost.


I read this as X-wing. Now I am sad.


Narrator: There wasn’t.


Got it fired up last night. Wow. Those first few minutes are pretty special. And that’s just the demo stuff.

I’m adding Moss to my list. Any recommendations for smaller kids? My daughter is 4.


eh, Vietnam, Caucasus, who can tell when you are going 160 miles an hour at 5 feet above the ground dodging all kinds of nasty while the door gunners are rockin’ and a rollin’.


You’re meant to be 13 to use the HMDs… so I guess they’re not really making stuff for 4 year olds yet! ;)

Of course there’s no evidentiary reason for this recommendation, it’s purely cautionary. The main issues would be whether the thing fits properly and whether the lenses move close enough together for the kid’s IPD.

If that’s all good, one of the Oculus shorts may be a good starting point for youngsters. This one’s pretty nice:


My daughter loved Job Simulator at 5yo though I only let her play in short spurts.


Yeah I don’t think she’ll enjoy it very much, may be afraid to try, but I mostly want her to know what it is conceptually and maybe play with in-game toys for a few minutes.

Edit - my report on The Climb so far is… very cool. Tutorial a bit weak but The Bay level is very pretty and gives you that real “I’m going up there!?” feeling.

Also bought Landfall as it’s on the day sale for a few hours, looks ok.

Another question - with the touch, do you still use the gamepad for some games?


Sure. Some games don’t support it, or are just better with a different control scheme. Eg the truck sim games.


This is rather amazing, on multiple levels:



that is pretty close to how i want my flying rig set up in the end.


Level editor for Overload out now :

Now all they need is more varied environments.