VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


Nope. Just opt into the relevant Oculus beta branch on Steam and use the -oculus launch command. You’ll probably also want to use super sampling to reduce aliasing if your rig can handle it.

Guide here.


(for some people that is involvement and pc-gamer masterrace hackery that borders on entering the matrix)

Yeah that’s quite neat. Did they fix the traffic sign textures so you can actually read those at a realistic distance? Haven’t fired it up in ages.


I don’t really bother with the traffic signs so I don’t know, to be honest.


Thank, will give it a shot. As mentioned above my PC may not be up to it but I’ll try.


Anyone take the plunge on Seeking Dawn? Looks interesting, but sounds like it has issues.


Well it’s released without spending any time in early access - in this day and age that almost seems worth supporting regardless of the quality of the game! :)

*though it seems they have plans for a bunch of new content before releasing on PSVR, so I guess it’s not really finished. :P


The sequel to Rise of Flight a WW1 flight sim just made it into pre-order status. If you buy in now, you get a ten buck discount and early access to the Fokker Dr.1 and a SPAD to match. It is VR nirvana. These planes are tiny and the world gets accordingly huge because of that.

The spad is fairly docile and easy to fly. The triplane is more of a handful and will have you scratching your head why it is skittering all over the sky.


Just got an email this morning from Magic Leap. You can get your own creator edition leap for the low, low price of $2,295!


Let us know what it’s like when yours arrives! ;)


It’s only available in like half a dozen US cities because each one is hand delivered.


It was showing as being deliverable to me, but the wife would kill me if I spent that kind of money.


For that price it better include Grant Morrison magicking it out of a hat.


Apparently they cant produce them in high numbers because they are too busy high fiving their marketing department whilst knocking back bottles of champagne for each sale.


Being completely unfamiliar with the Vive and its store, what’s this mean for me as a Rift owner? Is the Vive store just a website I’ll be able to buy games from or maybe even subscribe to with the plan?


So I bought a Lenovo Explorer (it’s one of those windows mixed reality combos) new from Ebay for $100 USD. I know, crazy right? It was a seller from China, and while they had great feedback and lots of stars after mailing the headset the user decided to deregister from ebay haha. So who knows if I will ever see this thing, at least I do have a tracking number.

Anyway, assuming it does arrive and is the real deal, anyone know of any best kept secrets in VR gaming or apps? I am already planning on these 3 as my first port of call: Google Earth VR, DCS, and IL-2.

Looking through the SteamVR list I am surprised just how many games there are, whereas I have only heard of a handful of them like superhot. Is Skyrim VR good? Anyone tried that with the mixed reality sets?

Thanks, I am really pumped to be joining the club!


You already hit on the 3 best ones. DCS and IL-2 are awesome in VR and will keep you occupied for months, if not years. I also recommend Elite Dangerous in VR - that is great too. In general VR works best for simulation type games in my opinion - perhaps other people can advise you re Fallout, Skyrim and Doom. I was tempted to try them but didn’t see the point - games requiring movement on foot are a bit wierd in VR imho - its a bit immersion breaking for me.


Everspace is a good VR cockpit experience. Unlike flight sims, I assume, its environment has things above and around you and your ship has the maneuverability to explore them by going in, out and round about :) It makes the scale and third dimension very relevant.

People say Subnautica works very well, again I think because the underwater environment is a natural fit for exploration in 3 dimensions.

Robo Recall is a fun and polished shooter where the teleport movement mechanic is integrated well by making you some kind of cyber ninja person.


Indeed - I forgot to mention Subnautica. That is a great VR experience too.


I’d be very surprised if it ever shows up. 9/10 when marketplace prices look too good to be true, it’s a scam. That’s especially true when the seller (or whoever hacked the seller’s account) disappears. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lenovo are dumping these things on the market to get rid of them.


Yeah maybe, I am not sure what to think. Lenovo’s have been going for USD 100 at some US stores very recently, but it’s been headset only, so I think 100 USD for everything is cheaper than any store. It’d be a pretty elaborate scam, they gave me a tracking number which shows a box (empty though it might be!) is going through the Chinese sorting places. Don’t paypal also quarantine funds for sellers until the buyer receives the product? Maybe I just dreamt that.

Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I completely forgot that Subnautica had VR support! It’s such a great game, VR will be a good excuse to revisit it. Never heard of Everspace or Robo Recall before now so those look great too.