VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR are fantastic if you enjoy their pancake versions at all. Fallout is glitchier and runs poorly compared to Skyrim (though it has improved quite a bit since release) but I find the gameplay a better fit for VR than Skyrim. Skyrim VR has enjoyed better mod support though, with a VR version of SKSE and recently, an official(?) VR version of SkyUI. If you go for fallout 4, definitely get it from Steam for the refund option.

I brought the Rift solely on the promise of these two VR ports and I don’t regret it.


Oh wow, that looks a lot easier than last time I looked into custom songs. Awesome.


It’s very cool. Speaking of extra means of immersion, do you know of a way in DCS to use voice commands to interact with ATC?

They look great, as soon as they hit 33% off they are both mine. The nice thing is that I haven’t played Fallout 4 yet.

Has anyone tried Doom VR?

I’ll definitely do that! I was getting a little tired of hearing “hundred dollar bills” in my head over and over.


It’s super easy now. Once the mod manager is installed you get a new Beat Saver option in the main menu in-game which seamlessly lists all the songs available to download, lets you sort them, search and so on. Songs take seconds to download for me, so you can just grab a ton of them and then start playing right away. All without ever leaving the game.


Yeah it’s pretty great, I tried it this morning.

Ashamedly, my favourite custom song so far is Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. I had only downloaded it because I thought it would be a song that might get my wife to try the game!


Try VoiceAttack and Vaicom. Details in the Air Combat thread.


Ars reports on the Vive wireless adapter

Seems like us ITX (or laptop) guys are out of luck for this one, though I guess it’s something else you can use a TB3 enclosure for


Even desktop folks may be out of luck or have to workaround the pci-e slot requirement. I have a giant case, and even so my cpu cooler looks to be blocking my ability to install the required card in my available pci-e slot. Some googling suggests I may be able to use an adapter of some sort, but we’ll see once it gets here - I preordered before realizing the slot may be blocked.


Oculus keynote in a few minutes


So another standalone headset, but they’re going to have to define “legitimate 3D power” - I somewhat doubt that they are strapping a 1060 and an SSD to the back of your head.


I just wanted a higher resolution Oculus to play sitting experiences with, sigh. Maybe next year I suppose.


I really expected prices to come down and resolution to increase by now. We got a res increase in the Vive Pro, but it’s even more expensive. The full Vive Pro setup is $1400! VR is crazy-sauce.


It’s been brought up a few times in here already, but Oculus have said they’re not interested in doing a res bump refresh. No new Rift until they have some actual new tech…


Thanks. I was not aware. Oh well, no new Rift until they have some actual new tech is fine by me. Saves me a few bucks till it is! :)


Lol yeah, that’s exactly what happened! The Rift prices came way down, and the Vive resolution went up.

Now we just need it to happen on the same headset… :)


Yeah, a steep barrier to entry. This won’t really help adoption of high-end VR, I think.


The Vive Pro is the only currently available headset with enough resolution to avoid the screen door effect. That should be table stakes for 2nd gen headsets by now, it shouldn’t be seen as “high-end”.


The deep learning based foveated rendering was pretty neat. Good thing I have those tensor cores now. :) I’ll be ready when it arrives in 4 years.


The Samsung Odyssey has the same resolution as the Vive Pro and costs $500.


I was only tangentially aware of the Odyssey, does it support all the same games?