VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Ha. V good :)

Got my Quest in the mail from Amazon. It sets up very easily. It’s a bit heavy, but not uncomfortably so. Setting up the Guardian area and running through the tutorial was totally seamless. I was swinging sabers to Beat Saber beats within 30 minutes of opening the box. Apps are a bit pricey and there’s no The Climb yet (which was one of the reasons I bought this thing.) But overall, this is a major step up from my Google Daydream. The graphics are a bit cleaner and sharper; the visual field is wider, but most importantly the tracking is impeccable and the controllers are amazing. I was tossing blocks into the air and then catching them. For a cordless VR system, it’s pretty aces.

Sounds awesome! I currently have a Rift S in transit, looking forward to the slight upgrade. :)

You already have the Rfit right? Please post your thoughts on how they compare…

Will do!

It’s still a week away according to the tracker - which seems way slower than the original’s transit time. Budget cuts!

The Quest is fing amazing. By my count this is my 8th VR headset and the first one real people not super geeks like me are going to flock to. I love it so far!

I got the Rift S today. Despite the lukewarm reviews and the minor upgrades in specs, Matt Wagner’s commentary on its clarity in DCS made me order it from Amazon (where I could return it easily if not impressed).

I’m not returning it. Spent the evening flying flight sims in it and it’s clearly a worthwhile upgrade for sim fans. You would think it had much higher resolution than the CV1, given the additional clarify. Screen door is just gone. (At least, for my eyes.)

  • Prepar3D v4.51 probably sees the most dramatic improvement, with instruments just dramatically easier to read. Everything looks sharper as well.
  • Matt Wagner wasn’t kidding about DCS. The view from the F-86 Sabre cockpit was just amazingly sharp.
  • IL-2 Battle of Moscow/Bodenplatte/etc is by far the best looking of them all. With no screen door effect and the efficient VR engine, the visuals are just stunning. Flew the P-47D around and was blown away.
  • Also tried FlyInside Flight Simulator, and while that one’s in very early access, it worked and looked great.

I haven’t tried X-Plane 11 yet, but I have no doubt it’ll be awesome given all the other sims.

Quick game of Beat Sabre showed the controller tracking to be as good in that game as with the three sensors around the room – never lost tracking.

Random notes:

  • 80Hz vs 90Hz isn’t noticeable
  • The internal tracking on the controllers works well
  • I was thinking I’d need to use headphones since they dropped the earphones and added tiny speakers near your ear. But the audio is surprisingly clear from these, and it’s nice to be able to hear sounds in the room if someone comes in. This was maybe the biggest pleasant surprise. I wouldn’t use them for music (no bass) or watching movies, but it’s fine for flight sims.
  • Soooo much easier to set up without all the tracking stations
  • You now define the room by laser-drawing the border with the controllers instead of having to walk around in view of cameras, much easier
  • Even with three cameras, the original Rift would sometimes lose track of tracking and I’d find my head sticking out the top of a cockpit, down by the rudder pedals, or on a wing, and have to re-set the VR view. Didn’t happen once with the Rift S.
  • Unlike some reviewers, I actually like the new headband better than the original Rift’s.
  • My one negative so far? There isn’t the big gap around your nose that I used to peek down through to view the keyboard when playing sims. I’ve had to lift the headset a few times to find a key.

If you’re playing action-based VR games, games with cartoony graphics, or really anything outside of vehicle simulations, I’m not sure the improvements in the Rift S would justify an upgrade from the original Oculus Rift CV1. But for flight sims, the Rift S awesome and I have zero regrets on the money spent.

I had an HP Reverb on order as well, thinking the increased resolution would be a big benefit in sims. But I just cancelled that order, because the Rift S is so sharp I’m quite satisfied, and the Oculus solution is going to have much better frame rates than the Reverb’s higher resolution will afford.

I don’t know what the cancelled “Rift 2” was going to be, but the S might as well stand for “Sim edition” and it’s a nice upgrade for my usage scenario.

Great news! This is pretty much why I upgraded mine - fewer usb ports, more freedom, more clarity in sims, similar performance hit. And relatively cheap.

Kinda annoying though that I pre-ordered from Oculus and it’s now sitting with Fedex for a week. I could have ordered it from Amazon Au and (maybe) had it Friday. Ah well! :)


What? They knocked me out!


How do you find the contrast compared to the CV1? I read it was more washed out, less blacks? And for me the Rift is already a little grey.

I honestly couldn’t see a difference in the contrast in sims. I haven’t played much in the way of black-background games yet, though, so maybe I’ll notice it in Elite or a longer Beat Sabre session where I’m looking for it.

Even if the LCD isn’t as black as the OLEDs in the CV1, though, the clarity is soooo worth the tradeoff.

I think there was some internet panic (in other words, unfounded and sensationalistic) about Rift S. Oh noes, it’s going to have a LCD instead of OLED, that means the blacks will be shit and grey!
You can already watch some comparison videos in youtube, and the difference is minor in most cases, imo.

Now I’m tempted to upgrade. I wonder how much a used Rift + 2 sensors will go for.

I see one on ebay here that has bids, equiv. to ~$250 US.

Does the Passthrough+ not work for this scenario (e.g. just hitting the menu button twice) or is that slower than lifting the headset up for a second?

Thanks for the impressions! Can I ask what your IPD is?

True of the Quest as well. Controller tracking is superb. Beat Saber worked flawlessly. I used the headset for a little over an hour yesterday and it never lost tracking, the reference didn’t drift around like my Daydream does, and the guardian area completely worked to prevent me from hitting obstacles, even in a fairly small area.

I also played Moss, which is super cute. I suspect that the visuals in that game aren’t quite as good as the screenshots you see on the web, which may be down to what’s under the Quest’s hood, but it worked really well.

I really think either the Quest itself, or the next iteration of it will be the thing that brings VR to the masses. It’s still a bit pricey, but being wireless with flawless 6DOF tracking for both self and two controllers is a game changer.

I will say that when passthrough is on (I’m not sure if there’s a way to activate it manually, but you use it to draw the Guardian and I think it turns on when you walk outside the Guardian.) When it’s on, there’s a very slight lag in the visual. Fidelity is perfect; you can definitely walk around and touch stuff, but the slight lag makes it feel like you’re drunk. Just 30 seconds of that and I was feeling a bit nauseous; something that has never happened to me before with VR.

Do you have particular recommendations for any of the games available for it? I’ve got Beat Saber and Moss, but the sticker price for these things means I’m gonna mostly be waiting for sales. I’d like to have at least one more though with some meaty content.

Superhot VR is a must if this is your first 6DOF VR headset. I’d get a shooting gallery game if you’re not totally averse to the genre - Robo Recall if money is no object (shame this isn’t free as it was on the Rift) or Space Pirate Trainer for half the price.

Quest seems really good for what it is and it’s certainly what I’d use to introduce someone without a gaming PC. Not much chance of me getting one though, especially given that I’d have to rebuy most of my games.

Disclaimer: Sorry, not 100% sure if any of these are on Quest but they’re great on a regular Rift.

If you’re an archery fan, I’d recommend In Death or Sacralith. Both are a lot of fun. But not as fun as Gorn, which is amazing if you want to fight in a gladiator arena against big meaty choppable opponents. I still haven’t picked it up but Blade & Sorcery is suppressed to be great as well. It’s definitely next on my list.