VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

I honestly couldn’t see a difference in the contrast in sims. I haven’t played much in the way of black-background games yet, though, so maybe I’ll notice it in Elite or a longer Beat Sabre session where I’m looking for it.

Even if the LCD isn’t as black as the OLEDs in the CV1, though, the clarity is soooo worth the tradeoff.

I think there was some internet panic (in other words, unfounded and sensationalistic) about Rift S. Oh noes, it’s going to have a LCD instead of OLED, that means the blacks will be shit and grey!
You can already watch some comparison videos in youtube, and the difference is minor in most cases, imo.

Now I’m tempted to upgrade. I wonder how much a used Rift + 2 sensors will go for.

I see one on ebay here that has bids, equiv. to ~$250 US.

Does the Passthrough+ not work for this scenario (e.g. just hitting the menu button twice) or is that slower than lifting the headset up for a second?

Thanks for the impressions! Can I ask what your IPD is?

True of the Quest as well. Controller tracking is superb. Beat Saber worked flawlessly. I used the headset for a little over an hour yesterday and it never lost tracking, the reference didn’t drift around like my Daydream does, and the guardian area completely worked to prevent me from hitting obstacles, even in a fairly small area.

I also played Moss, which is super cute. I suspect that the visuals in that game aren’t quite as good as the screenshots you see on the web, which may be down to what’s under the Quest’s hood, but it worked really well.

I really think either the Quest itself, or the next iteration of it will be the thing that brings VR to the masses. It’s still a bit pricey, but being wireless with flawless 6DOF tracking for both self and two controllers is a game changer.

I will say that when passthrough is on (I’m not sure if there’s a way to activate it manually, but you use it to draw the Guardian and I think it turns on when you walk outside the Guardian.) When it’s on, there’s a very slight lag in the visual. Fidelity is perfect; you can definitely walk around and touch stuff, but the slight lag makes it feel like you’re drunk. Just 30 seconds of that and I was feeling a bit nauseous; something that has never happened to me before with VR.

Do you have particular recommendations for any of the games available for it? I’ve got Beat Saber and Moss, but the sticker price for these things means I’m gonna mostly be waiting for sales. I’d like to have at least one more though with some meaty content.

Superhot VR is a must if this is your first 6DOF VR headset. I’d get a shooting gallery game if you’re not totally averse to the genre - Robo Recall if money is no object (shame this isn’t free as it was on the Rift) or Space Pirate Trainer for half the price.

Quest seems really good for what it is and it’s certainly what I’d use to introduce someone without a gaming PC. Not much chance of me getting one though, especially given that I’d have to rebuy most of my games.

Disclaimer: Sorry, not 100% sure if any of these are on Quest but they’re great on a regular Rift.

If you’re an archery fan, I’d recommend In Death or Sacralith. Both are a lot of fun. But not as fun as Gorn, which is amazing if you want to fight in a gladiator arena against big meaty choppable opponents. I still haven’t picked it up but Blade & Sorcery is suppressed to be great as well. It’s definitely next on my list.

I’m half tempted to get an Amazon Rift S just to compare to my Rift. And then dispose of whichever one. I think for me the visuals are fine already and ergonomic improvements might be what it would take.

Can someone tell me if the Rift S uses foam padding where it touches the head? If so I will probably wait for vrcover to come out with their replacement masks, as I hated how disgusting the foam padding felt after a bit of beat saber (due to it absorbing sweat) and not being able to wipe it off.

It probably would, but when I’m flying flight sims I’m using my joystick/throttle HOTAS system, not the Oculus controllers, so no way to activate the Passthrough+ mode.

It’s 66 according to “Eye Measure” on iOS. The headset defaulted to 63.5 and I adjusted it to 66, but couldn’t see any real difference.

Yep, trying that out is the first time I’ve ever gotten nauseated in VR.

It does. I’ll have to check out vrcover!

Seriously? The Oculus Store games are not cross-buy?

Have any of you Quest owners played Vader Immortal yet? Looks cool.

Do any of you Rift S owners happen to have an enormous head? I have to max out the IPD on my rift and my main concern is that the S won’t have a wide enough setting.

It’s up to the individual developers to enable cross buy. Most have from my understanding, with some declining to allow it.

Vader immortal for sure. I sat and just watched my gloved Vader hand float in the air for 10 minutes, let alone the actual game play. Ballista is great. The demo that comes with the damn thing is fun. I bought 10 more to try out and haven’t even launched yet.

As a 70 ipd guy, it’s one of my concerns as well.

They are really different platforms. Different OS, very different hardware capabilities, different cpu architecture. So developing two versions for each one is a real effort, there won’t be a ‘port this’ button. So I think paying is justified.

From what they were saying on the Bombcast. Beat Saber is not, Superhot is not, Moss is not. That’s three of the best games on the platform.