VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Thrustmaster warthog stick mounted on a foot of sewage pipe. Saitek pedals on the floor. Warthog throttle unit on an ikea kitchen step at my left side. When I put on the rift, I’m in the cockpit.

Lol, you’re the one guy I wasn’t asking. Fun link, though.

I continue to struggle to understand how to be a casual or intermediate fan of this genre. I played and loved Strike Commander and Aces of the Pacific (among others) way back when. Now I want to get into some flight sims in VR but I don’t have a joystick anymore. (RIP to my dear Flightstick Pro. Played Doom with that thing until I had a callous on my finger.) Maybe I should just invest in a mid-level joystick? I’m at a loss with this genre and have been for well over a year.

P.S. I’ve got the new Vive controllers on pre-order. Those might work nicely in a simulated cockpit.

Ok I get it :D try the thrustmaster 16000m model. It has the same guts as the warthog, so you get that 16bit precision you need to shoot the swastikas off of those nazi bastards.

Il2 does not work with VR controllers AFAIK, but there’s a couple flight sims/games that do, and it’s said to work really well. Try VTOL VR for shooty bang bang sim action:

and this if you find yourself ogling the clouds and landscape more and find the fokkers more of an annoyance than fun.

This is the stick I talked about. You don’t need to buy an entire set because it may be too nerdy to get all that, just the stick should get you going.

Be sure to bind a button for VR zoom and another one, perhaps on the base to VR recenter.

Thanks for the ideas, schurem! Maybe I’ll go for that stick.

The T16000M is a nice compromise. Not nearly as expensive as the top end, but works really well.

That’s the stick I have, it works great. I also have the throttle which is good too, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

The good thing about the throttle is that is has a bunch of buttons and things right at your fingertips. This makes controlling your machine feel like playing a musical instrument once you have them all set just-so.
Of course, when you fly using both hands (and feet!) instead of full-throttle bank&pull you get these incredible aerial ballet moments where you are wearing the plane and flying about like a lark on adderal.

Kick the thing onto its back, chop throttle in the dive. Then right at the bottom make those 2000 horses roar and pull right onto his tail. Do a sliding barrel roll to bleed some speed and end up with a gunsight full of nazi. Blyat-Blyat-Blyat go the guns. Fritz, your plane seem to be missing some bits }-D Oh look Franz wants a piece of me too! Slide to the left, rolling it, all the power on. His shots go way wide. Now pull up. Up up and away. Twist in the seat to keep an eye on the fokker. Combat yoga this. Hear the RPM lower as airspeed drops. Kick the rudders, chop the throttle, the nose comes down like the thousand horsepower anvil it is. Give that nazi the bird as you pass him going down while he’s hanging on his prop. Tiiiight turn at the bottom, all of the G. The wings groan. Be on the up while Franz is still struggling to get his slow-ass machine under control. Blyat-Blyat-Blyat. You get a bullet and you get a bullet!

So there is something to say for going full hotas nerdicality :)

I love this shit, does it show? :D

I would definitely get the T16000M hotas setup.

@rrmorton, this is the setup I use: Thrustmaster T.1600m flight pack. Throttle, rudder, and joystick at a reasonable price. The rudder pedals plug into the throttle, so they use a total of two USB ports. Good ergonomics, lots of buttons and hats, and reliable sensors. I’ve been really happy with the setup.

Available for about $40 less without the pedals, but the pedals are really nice if you do a lot of flying. You can also get the stick (it has a throttle slider) by itself, but IMHO you really want a separate throttle and the extra buttons so you can avoid using the keyboard in VR.

I didn’t spend the big bucks for the Thrustmaster Warthog stuff, but then amusingly I later bought the desk mounts and mouse extension for the joystick and throttle from Monstertech (and they’re great), which cost more than the HOTAS setup did.

(EDIT: Replied to your post and then saw all the other T.1600m recommendations. ;-)

Here’s what I want: the ability to switch to a forward facing camera in VR, look at the HOTUS, and have mixed reality tooltips show up for all of the controls. I have such a hard time getting back to sims after a break because all of that muscle memory is gone. I use cheat sheets as Google docs (that I jump to via the steam browser), but I have to translate that to the real world while otherwise blind.

Quest owners I still have not found out: is theee a quick and easy way to immediately pull up pass through mode?

Thanks for the tips and links, Denny!

There’s no dedicated button for it, but you can do it in one of 2 ways:

  1. If you’re in Guardian mode, you can just stick your head out of the guardian area. If you leave the guardian area, it automatically switches to passthrough.
  2. You can also go back to the main menu bar and click the “Stationary” button on the upper left, which turns on passthrough and prompts you to set up a stationary play area (for seated experiences like video watching or Moss). During stationary area setup, you can walk around with passthrough on to, for instance, walk over to your chair. I recommend moving slowly.

New Nvidia drivers ‘adds support for Oculus Rift S and HTC VIVE Pro Eye HMDs’.

Also May 23rd’s blog says Oculus runtime 1.38 is coming in June. This will include support for Nvidia Optical Flow on Turing hardware, which aims to greatly improve the motion interpolation when running at half frame rates in ASW. Optical Flow will also be used to improve the Passthrough+ video.

Sam seems to really like this headset best out of all (so far).

Anyone tried ALVR or Riftcat with the Quest? I’m gonna give it a go when I get home (though my aging PC may just laugh at me), but people are reporting that it works, that with ASW, the Quest can work really well as a streaming target for PCVR content.

Wow, I would really like to invest in this, but I just can’t give up wireless anymore. The ability to play Beat Saber or Boxing without worrying about cables is more important now than the image quality. The technology is there, wish Valve would say something about wireless support in the future.

I might get the new controllers though, will continue to watch reviews on them. The Vive Wands are limited in interactions.

Thanks for the link, JP! After reading that, I decided to go for it and reserve the full Index kit. I really want the new controllers and I think the new lighthouse tracking boxes will be a nice improvement for me. I have a long-ish, rectangular playspace and there are a few spots in the room where the original boxes sometimes lose track of me and flake out. So, might as well go for the new headset while I’m at it!

Too bad I gotta wait until September 30th.

Thanks! This track with what Reddit says. According to them it’s the second most requested feature and Vive already has it so they need to get on it fast.

John Carmack posted a laundry list of QoL fixes today. This was not one of them. Tho dark mode for using controllers in theaters is.

I got it working. It wasn’t too difficult. And then I spent 30 minutes flying around Google Earth VR in my Quest, which worked great. It’s a little bit fuzzy compared to what I saw when I did it with the Vive a couple of years ago, but is definitely working great. And the fuzziness could be down to my shitty PC. I tried Subnautica too, and that was a bit jankier–still playable and gorgeous, but quite fuzzy. I’m gonna try The Lab and Obduction next. Google Earth is fantastic–all the controller inputs are mapped correctly and it’s just clean, smooth, and easy.