VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

But isn’t the fact that the Quest is selling/doing pretty well supported by our experience here on the forum?

I’m a Vive guy but this seems like good news.

Also, HOLY SHIT, JET ISLAND! I’m getting better at it and having a ball.

It’s all part of the rumour anyway, I don’t think they’ve actually made any public statement about sales. ‘I’m told’:

Yeah it’s def. doing ok, the Reddit thread is full of reports of supply scarcity, people’s ‘first VR headset’, and non-gamers buying into it too.

It’s likely to be my first VR headset, though I may still wait a couple more years. The Quest or the PlayStation VR or maybe something that hasn’t launched yet. I am definitely interested.

It may be my first as well. I’m torn between the freedom the quest gives, and the more power the rift s would have plugged into my pc.

My only experience so far with vr is an hour with the Vive at an arcade, and I was blown away.

My next headset will probably be the next non-Facebook set at under $500 that’s also wireless; be that HTC, Valve, Sony, or someone else.

So I switched my cable over to another provider (paying the same, 6x the speed) and, after a couple of nights of attempts with various combinations of the software, have gotten Revive to work streaming The Climb from my Shadow PC to my Quest HMD over Virtual Desktop. I just spent an hour or so sending big walls in the Alps. I’ve been wanting to try The Climb for ages and am pretty happy to have finally gotten the chance! Visual quality was pretty great, though there’s a tiny bit of jitter in the tracking, and occasionally it would glitch out for a half second or two. Very playable and gorgeous though. (Nothing like actual climbing, but it looks right and is still pretty fun.)

Now, in addition to The Climb, I’ve gotten Lone Echo to work: Shadow PC->Oculus Store->ReVive->Steam VR->Virtual Desktop->intertubes->Wifi->my Oculus Quest. The game looks spectacular. The slight control lag means that the acts of throwing and pulling myself around in zero-g have to be done rather deliberately, but it still works. (And now I have to take a bit of a break. My VR legs are a mite wobbly.)

That’s pretty damn cool!

My Index reservation email came in yesterday so I should have it some time next week. WOO!

Mine did too! Just waiting for it to be shipped!

It’s been name-dropped in the thread before but everyone with a Quest should check out Tea for God, demo/alpha now available in SideQuest 0.5.1.
The only locomotion method available is physical walking, around the confines of whatever play area you have. You’re basically walking in circles but hey the effect is pretty awesome.

Vive Pro is $200 off on Prime day if anyone’s looking.

Has anyone tried the free Spiderman VR thing on steam? It looks pretty nifty, I don’t have access to my VR computer for a couple of weeks so haven’t been able to give it a go yet.


Thanks! Downloading!

Yay! Been wanting to play this and don’t have PSVR.

Epic exclusive. Boo.

For those unaware, gmg has a sale on at the moment and if you buy a discounted game (not any game has to be a “silver or gold” tier deal, but they aren’t all pricey ones) you get star trek Bridge crew and raw data for free (among with some other stuff). Looking forward to trying both in VR!

Got my Vive Index today… I give it two thumbs up and I can do that with total hand presence in VR!

Set-up was painless and simple. Just plugged everything in, updated firmware, and I was off to the virtual races.

I very much like how the Index is a relatively streamlined headset compared to my Vive and Vive Pro. Yeah, it’s still big n’ clunky technology but it’s getting less so and that’s nice progress. I’m going to miss wireless freedom… but I’m not going to miss the battery charging and the plug-in procedure or the belt clip or the awkward ‘horns’ on top of my headset. But I’m thinking it might be time to look into one of those DIY ceiling rigs to hold the wire away from my legs.

The wider FOV didn’t knock my socks off at first but the more I played, the more I realized how significant it was. I think that’s because Virtual Desktop doesn’t benefit that greatly from the wider view but once I was inside a 3D world, the perception of distance and the horizon was noticeably more impressive. It’s not like looking through a bucket anymore… more like a porthole window on a ship.

One dumb side effect of the lenses being closer to your face is that they’re easier to touch accidentally. I’ll have to break my habit of lifting the headset partially off and propping it on my head when I want to see the world around me. When I do that now, my forehead smudges the lenses.

The higher refresh rate seems to add a sharp, silky smoothness… I’ll have to play around more with those settings.

Sound quality is very good and I like how nothing touches the ears… helps that streamlined feel.

The controllers are a huge improvement. I think I can now safely reveal to you something which I’ve never publicly stated before… I don’t like those Vive wand controllers. Never have. Good f**king riddance.

The adjustable elastic hand strap is really nicely done. I love being able to just let go and flex my stiff, aging, achy, liver-spotted hands in the middle of a game. I loaded up my current VR obsession, Jet Island, and watched my fingers wiggle as I zipped and surfed all around. What a world!

Racket: NX out today on Quest. It’s a lot of fun, and super polished. I have to say, for the most part I’m very impressed at how well Oculus has been curating their app store. Even the freebies, like Mission: ISS, are really high quality. Its pretty much the opposite of the Oculus Go store.