VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

It’s a shame Stormland is another short VR game, because it was hyped as a big open world game. I’ve been enjoying Borderlands 2 VR for the past few weeks, so I think I’ll skip Stormland and wait for a deep sale.

Rumour mill in full swing - Valve releasing ‘Half Life Alyx VR’ in March next year, trailer will be shown at Game Awards on 12 December.

Oculus Link is out today, letting you play PC VR games on the Quest. Nvidia GPUs only to start, and you’ll need a fairly powerful one.

I might pick up a Quest if it’s at least fifty bucks off on Black Friday. Figure worst case scenario, if I don’t care about VR, I can technologically enhance my lifelong ongoing onanistic pursuits. And like, watch movies on airplanes with a giant helmet.

Can’t wait to play my Rift games without worrying about setting up the tracking cameras, etc! How this works really well in practice.

Serious question. What could I expect to get for my OG Vive? It’s in great condition. I’d just like to use whatever I can get for a new device. Help me Obi Qt3. :)

Well I guess it’s finally time for me to own a gaming PC again! Thankfully I’ll be able to use my Quest instead of buying a separate headset.

I’d estimate somewhere around $250, give or take fifty.

That’s about what people are getting on ebay, but only if you have the full kit with the original box. Seems odd to me when a Rift S costs $400 brand new and is a superior experience, but I’m always surprised by what people will pay for used stuff.

Wonder what I can get for my DK2!

I finished Lone Echo finally and was half planning on ebaying the Rift, but Stormland and Asgard might be worth a look, plus this thing. I do think I’ve kind of seen enough of clunky gen 1 VR. I can buy back in when everything’s lighter.

Asgard’s Wrath is pretty cool. I wish I could play it on just the Quest but looking forward to trying it this week w/ just the Oculus link cable instead. I’m not very far into it though, just the 2nd companion.

You could always try with the wifi streaming if you have the setup for it. The Virtual Desktop guy released an update that uses the foveated compression techniques that Oculus are using for their usb streaming. I haven’t tried it, but things always seem to be (slightly) improving there.

Interesting, will have to look into this as I haven’t explored it yet. I imagine it might not work too well with one of the more demanding VR games like Asgard though. Will be much less annoying not having to worry about the 2-3 sensors at least!

Ideally your PC should be wired to your router, which should be AC using a 5 GHz connection to the Quest.

You run the Virtual Desktop streaming software on the PC, and sideload the main software to your Quest.

There are free options but I think VD gives best results and is regularly updated with improvements.

I’m sure we’re all over this one

I wonder if anyone here is going to get into VR because of HL. I’m going to buy a Quest in Black Friday, but not because of this, I had decided when they announced the Link system.

Yes, I will be buying a VR headset for this. Probably the Quest.

Do want.

Those full length non-vr games are not that fun to me either. I find VR lends itself to mission-style games. Though I read that Asto Bot is really good. I have a Rift but I’ve seen a few reviews of PSVR exclusives that I have the urge to try, on https://www.roadtovr.com/. Also try Beat Saber.