VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

…and after two days with Link broken thanks to the new update, I got it fixed. How? It’s a language issue. Well, it’s a ‘Facebook doesn’t test shit properly’ issue really. If you have a non-English Window, you have to rename your virtual headphones device from whatever name it has (mine was auricurales) to ‘Headphones’.

Really unprofessional from Facebook to not test on different languages when developing an internationally sold device.

Could anyone help me test something, in the Oculus app?

Can you try to download, for example, the app ‘Cut-Off: Interactive VR Documentary’ ? I’m finding the download always stops with an error on the 2.7gb downloaded point. I thought it was a caching problem of my ISP or an issue in the closest CDN from Facebook, but I tried a VPN, from two different locations, and the same happened!

Yes, mine fails around that point also. I am in Australia.

Ok so I’m not crazy lol. It isn’t like I’m particularly interested in that documentary, it’s that I had the same issue with more apps…

Very nice VR bundle in HB

So what headset is everyone getting for Half Life Alyx? :)

Already have the Index. I am ready.

Got a Rift S powered up and ready to rock.

Original HTC Vive here, with wireless. Been looking at the Index, but it hasn’t been available, and just hard to go back to a tether.

I just discovered Vox Machinae on Steam today, and spent my whole lunch break playing it. Its basically Mechwarrior in VR, and its as cool as it sounds. I know its not exactly a new game, but its definitely one that deserves more attention. It is implemented almost perfectly for VR, with most controls requires actual hand movements instead of just being mapped to buttons.

Even though its in early access still, its in a pretty good state now (though I dunno about the playerbase). Still, playing with bots is fun, and I imagine with a couple human players it would be even more fun.

No idea of how good it is, it’s some kind of space fleet strategy game, but it’s on sale so right now it’s around $2.

And more interesting sales

Rocking a Rift S here… Really looking forward to Alyx.

I put my Rift back in the box with a view to selling it, but it’s still sitting here. Torn on whether to get rid of it or hang on for a month :/

Do you like Half-Life? Then hang on to it for a bit.

Who can remember?

Haha! Fair. :D

Damn Lone Echo is good. You hear a lot about VR and immersion and sense of scale, but after the typical wow moments of the first VR games, I was going to say the effect is diminished once you get accustomed to VR. But this game proves it’s all about the execution.
The moment you get out of the space station and see Saturn and all around you… holy shit. And it’s so cooI to ride a Fury and travel around space (I hope everyone says wee! when the main impulse hits), and later moving around big satellites. And of course, the huge spaceship that looks like it’s >2kms long is awesome.
The game also shows how VR can boost the immersion and character empathy, with the character of Olivia. It makes her more alive, you start reacting to her like a real person. Although that said, it’s really a synergistic effect, VR combined with several other factors: good graphics, good body and facial animations, good voice action, natural dialogue. Having something in VR alone isn’t enough.

Yeah it’s a highlight for sure. Bring on Lone Echo 2!

Possibly the most immersive, amazing, VR experience I have ever had. Truly felt like being in a big stompy jump-jetting mech. Yet I have not bought it for the reason that I read that there are too few players to enable regular play. Are you able to find matches?

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet played on a server with humans. Apparently, there is an active Discord where people organize games, but I haven’t checked it out. That said, its still fun to play with bots, and I’m trying to get a friend or two to buy the game to play coop. No real single player story or anything. Still, even as just as proof-of-concept (like many VR games are), it is incredible.