VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

If VR fails to blow up even in this whole mess, with tens of millions stranded at home, I think it’s safe to conclude it will never be big.

Haven’t the Quest and Index been sold out since the holidays? Not sure how much bigger it can get over the next couple months if it’s supply constrained.

/checks page

Yep, still out of stock in the official page. Rift S too. It’s a pity, as if we are cynical, they really could capitalize VR in the middle of the pandemic.

Quest is in stock right now at list price direct from Oculus. I just ordered one, says it will ship April 17.

Well April 17 doesn’t really sound like it’s in stock ‘now’… ;)

Also the HL: Alyx pre-load is up on Steam, 50GB worth.

Yeah, but before it wouldn’t let you add it to the cart and check out. So, better than nothing.

There is a Quest sale going on

AUDICA price dropped from $29.99 to $23.99

Arizona Sunshine price dropped from $39.99 to $29.99

A Fisherman’s Tale price dropped from $14.99 to $11.99

Red Matter price dropped from $24.99 to $19.99

Ninja Legends price dropped from $19.99 to $14.99

Gun Club VR price dropped from $19.99 to $15.99

Sairento VR : Untethered price dropped from $19.99 to $14.99

SUPERHOT VR price dropped from $24.99 to $18.99

Job Simulator price dropped from $19.99 to $15.99

There is also three duo packs

Thumper and Pinball FX2 VR
Creed: Rise to Glory and 2MD: VR Football Unleashed
Wander and Nature Treks VR

And here are 4 Rift crossbuy games on sale:

Apex Construct 25% off - $14.99
Cave Digger 30% off - $13.99
The Wizards 59% off - $10.00
Wands 40% off - $11.99

I think I have all those already. 😬 I really need a Quest with bigger storage.

Yo VR people, the mighty F-14B tomcat, star of Top Gun is on a free trial the coming few days. Download and install DCS, and you should be able to look around the mighty turkeybird for free!

Was AIDS already a thing in '86?

I can remember hearing shitty kids in my high school tossing it off in insults when I was a student. And I graduated in 1985.

Guess maverick tested positive then ;)

Finally, an update for Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

I would start playing now but… ugh, as you already know some other VR game releases tomorrow…

Haha! Yes! :)

Everyone is playing Alyx, but a new batch of games is coming to Quest, too:

The Room VR: March 26th
B-Team: March 26th
Down the Rabbit Hole: March 26th
List Beneath: March 31st

Also, lots of new stuff in the Quest v15 firmware, including passthrough

Will definitely look into this, thanks! Though now that I think about, makes me sad that escape rooms are taking a huge hit right now, on already what must be razor thin margins. I bet a lot of them won’t survive this quarantine.

The Room VR A Dark Matter is…

It’s freaking expensive. But also it’s a quality game, this isn’t one of those indie VR games done by two guys. The graphics are very good, in particular it’s very well optimized and the image quality is superb for the Quest, super rare so see any aliasing at all. Of course the art is also good so the technical wizandry have a purpose. The scale is correct, and well, the game is basically another one in the series but more immersive and spectacular thanks to the VR perspective, and more fun to interact with things, using levers and ropes and gears with your hands. Length wise seems to be 3.5 hours, so it’s more like Room 1 or 2 than Room 3 in duration, although the quality of the puzzles in the third scene (of four ;_;) is reminding me more of the third part.

Thanks for the impressions! Considering a regular escape room costs us $60-80 for my wife & me, a high quality VR one is probably worth a the price. Especially since we can’t actually DO a regular escape room right now. Will look into this tonight probably.