VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

I picked up Megaton Rainfall this morning for PSVR. It’d been sitting in my shopping cart on the playstation store, waiting for a sale that never came, and when I went to pick up Sinking City this morning, I just decided ‘screw it, $15 isn’t too much’.

It downloaded quickly, so I decided to mess around with it while SC was still downloading. It’s a superhero simulator, with the aesthetics and budget of an Earth Defense Force game. Also, a really weird quasi-religious thing going on, but lets just skip over that. Also, also, apparently built pretty much by one dude, and it’s pretty impressive for that.

After a few missions in, I’d say it was certainly worth the $15. Some of the controls and gestures are a bit wonky and don’t always trigger when you want them to, but on some level, that’s kind of the point. You’re invulnerable, and can fly. The only way you ‘lose’ is by too much of the city and its people getting killed. So causing collateral damage is bad, but the aiming/triggering is bad, so you kind of can’t help it. That said, there are leaderboards for a ‘Score Attack’ mode on each of the missions, and people get through them with an A rating, so obviously it’s possible to get better. In between each mission you get new powers, so always something new happening. Oh, yeah, and the game is a crazy kind of open world- I’m pretty sure he imported real satellite data of some sort, you can (and do) fly up into orbit (or farther…), and come down anywhere you want- there’s landmarks and cities and whatnot (pyramids in egypt, and the Taj Mahal, for example). Sure, it’s all pretty janky and low-res, but the scope is neat.

If anyone besides @Clay is looking…

EDIT: Nevermind, sold out at $399 already.

EDIT EDIT: Looks to be available from Oculus again!

The Quest pops up a few times a week at BestBuy, Amazon, and a few others. Also the official Oculus Store but it takes a few weeks to get delivered from there. You pretty have have to use an alert website to snag one but they are some that come out every week in a trickle.

The Multidimensional Bakery on the Quill Theater is a must watch. I usually only see the stuff on the Quest, and I was surprised by it on the pc app. I guess there are a few scenes that are PC exclusive because their scope.

It’s a first impression, but Thumper seems easier in VR? I’m playing in Quest, maybe they lowered the difficulty for this version. Not that I mind, I’m super bad at this kind of game.

Also, I’m trying The Climb, but I wish someone makes another attempt at the concept. Something with bigger places, akin to a real location, and more freeform climbing, when you can plan and execute your route. I hate when I see a clear place to put my hands but the game won’t let me. I also wish the game wouldn’t start with you up there already, but instead well on the ground, before going up the first meters, it would give more meaning to the moment where you reach the peak, if you know what I mean.

A port for Doom in Quest has been released, done by the same guy who did the HalfLife and Quake 1 ports.

it’s an impressive port:
-Height adjustment? check
-Weapon scale adjustment? check
-Weapon pitch adjustment? check
-Teleporting/smooth locomotion, right/left hand for movement options? check
-Move and sprint speed adjustment? check
-Laser sight option? check
-Access to all (and they are many) the normal GZDoom options, in addition to the custom VR options? check
-Custom cheat menu, invaluable to do a ‘idfa’ or ‘idclip’ without keyboard? check. Also custom switch level menu, and more.

The real problem is the performance, once you play something a bit more complex than Vainilla Doom with 3d weapons and high res textures, it drops too many frames. The base (GZDoom) isn’t performant enough, and I guess the Android port also could be better optimized.

The Spaceteam game is already out on the Oculus store, it’s crossbuy. Anyone have played it?

Speaking of, the Oculus store has a sale going on since yesterday, but as always it’s kind of underwhelming. In the Rift store, a few games with stronger discounts are Skyworld, Thumpber, SuperHot, Arizona Sunshine, Sprint Vector, Raw Data and Dance Collider.

Been waiting for a sale on Vacation Simulator for the Quest so 20% off was nice to see.

No, but I’d like to. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a great VR game scratching much the same itch, but this doesn’t require flipping through a fraying manual.

Free game

I laugh, but is there actually VR porn? I am always behind the time on these things.

Oh sweet summer child! :)

There are a number of 180° binaural videos available for download and stream covering a wide range of topics. Some even embed signals to activate Bluetooth connected peripherals for maximum immersiveness.

(note these are stereo videos too so have depth, and are not just flat panoramics)

The next great PC VR headset

4k full rgb resolution per eye + 90hz + Mechanical ipd
audio + lens from Index
Tracking with 4 cameras like Rift S + Touch-like controllers

One potential problem with the G2 is how it’ll handle controller tracking in room-scale games (e.g. Half Life Alyx). With the lighthouses for Vive Pro, I have seamless tracking no matter where I move my hands. Concerned that G2 will be a step backwards here.

I’m very much looking forward to the next gen of headsets that will go beyond the Index and Vive Pro, but is the G2 that headset?

I play HL:A on my Quest, which also uses inside out tracking, and I’ve never had an issue. Tracking is seamless, and because it’s wireless I also get full freedom of movement (within my Guardian box) which really helps immersion in that game.

Great to hear! I played HL:A with a corded Vive Pro, and while an awesome experience, I can only imagine how wireless would have been.

I’ve never had an issue with controllers on my Quest either. Inside-out tracking is amazing, and people sometimes forget that when your hands are out of view, you can’t see them, so fudging the motion using the accelerometers and gyros is more than “good enough” to get by.

Contractors is having a push these days. The other day they launched a big update, including mod support and beta crossplay with Quest

and today they have a sale of 50% off in Steam. No idea if it’s worth it or not despite all that, if the multiplayer is dead already or what.