VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Okay, I fixed my ReVive problem. It was an IUE. (Idiot User Error.) I’d read that having the Oculus service running when using a WMR/SteamVR headset could confuse DCS, so I set it to manual startup.

If you’re gonna run Oculus games, you kinda need the Oculus service… Ooops. Set it back to Automatic Startup and proceeded to load Vader Immortal II with no problems, and play a round of the Oculus version of Beat Sabre with no issues. Even checked out the cityscape scene in Oculus Dreamdeck. (Which is even scarier with such a clear view.)

Has anyone tried jailbreaking their Oculus Quest 2? I read sometime ago it was possible now.
edit.: removed what was me being annoyed.

Dis you need a previous Oculus device to play Oculus games with the Reverb 2?

The Rift S has a camera on top of the headset, that the G2 hasn’t. How is the tracking when putting the controllers above your head?

Similarly, the Quest 2 cameras are on the corners, while the G2 lateral cameras are very on the sides, it seems to me that it could have blind spots putting the controllers directly below the headset.

It never was published. There are some people saying it was fake all along.

If you want to control it automatically this helps.

oh - ok, thanks!

Humble bundle has the Bethsoft VR games cheap right now.

Gorn is ten bucks, too

Do you mind if I ask you all what games you like to play regularly in VR?
I’m curious to see what a cross-section of QT3 is using it for.

Alyx and TWD: Saints and Sinners are my controller go-to’s. Alyx has had my head glued to a headset all this weekend.

I’m thinking that ED and War Thunder are going to be my HOTAS go-to’s. More sophisticated stuff like IL-2 BoX/DCS is fine but they’re too fiddly and require too much keyboard interaction for comfortable VR use.

I also use the Quest 2 for pancake headtracking, e.g. WoFF.

In short, I find myself being omnivorous with VR.

Forgot to throw SW Squadrons in there.

In Death is my favorite. Rogue like archery shooter against gothic enemies.

My most regular VR game is No Man’s Sky. Then probably In Death, and some occasional Beat Saber.

I also love Project Cars 3 and have been thinking about getting back into Elite Dangerous, which used to be a regular.

Beat Saber, Eleven TT.

Beat saber, pistol whip, gorn.

Squadrons and elite too but I really need a new gpu for them.

Me, almost all DCS all the time. I hardly ever touch the keyboard, but I have climbed the learning cliff ages ago and rock some specialized equipment (pointCTRL) to allow me to do that. It’s like practicing etudes on a clarinet or something.

Sometimes a spot of Il-2, SW squadrons and E:D.

I don’t even have VR controllers, so I haven’t bothered with any of the “conventional” VR games so far. I did order a set of VR controllers with the G2, and am quite curious to check out Beat Saber, Alyx, etc. But I’ll probably keep returning to the viper pit.


I think I told that story once. In the beginning, the rift was sold without controllers for a year or so. That’s when I got mine. They never even gave 5% off a set of controllers, even when they sold them packed in at a lower price than I paid for my headset. I have always felt that as a hearty Fuck You to their early adopters and supporters and have carried a grudge towards oculus since. Fuck them, Fuck facebook and fuck their idea of customer loyalty. So no, I never even thought about plunking down the 150E asking price for the controllers.

Understood. My 2nd-hand CV1 was the base model too – one tracking station, the headset, and that stupid little dongle thing. Having to shell out for at least another tracking station AND the controllers pretty much got the CV1 delegated to “meh, it’s okay once in a while” status.

Having the full meal deal with the Quest 2 has completely changed my opinion on VR gaming. It totally opened things up.

As for Facebook, well, I’ve just lived through 4 years of a Trump “presidency”. Having Omnissiah Zuck finger my butthole doesn’t bother me that much.

Thanks everyone. I love seeing what people are enjoying.

I’ve never even heard of this, but several of you listed it. Is there something that makes this game special?

How do you like the table tennis? Do you play mostly against the CPU? I’m trying to find a good intuitive “sports” game that friends can play, but also a game with some depth.