VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

I also learned today I can cast the screen to the Oculus phone app. This would have been so useful the last few months.

Wait? I need a Facebook account to even buy Oculus games from the Rift store tab? Ugh.

Correct, Oculus games are tied to a Facebook account.

You can cast it to any Chromecast device too, Google Home Hub, or built in to many TVs. And the newest feature is casting to a URL.

I would suggest checking to see if game is available on SteamVR before buying from the Oculus store, Revive seems to work really well overall, but in the end, it’s an unsupported hack, and native SteamVR is your best bet for new purchases unless a game is Oculus-exclusive.

I have like 30 Oculus games so I’m glad Revive exists, but I wont buy anything else from the Oculus store unless it’s an exclusive that I really want.

Early July. About fook’n time, no? I’m afraid I’ll only be able to run XwA on it, because the line for the 3080 is only ever so slowly dwindling down. Place 154 atm.

Several months ago it didn’t work very well for me. But I tried it again with the browser method and it seems it’s pretty stable.

For sure. I am not buying anything on Oculus that I can get on Steam. I just picked up ones that I have heard mentioned many times as go to VR experiences (Robo Recall and Stormland).

This is the type of thing that may seem silly to some because it isn’t a ‘real’ game, but if the variety of building blocks and decorative options, customization, and flexibility and power of their system is good enough, it could be a total success. I can see people chilling out for hours in multiplayer building a cool looking place.

If there were some kind of flipping/rental metalayer I could definitely get into something like that.

Watch me playing Eleven TT against the AI (skill 30/100). If you notice that I play in a weird way, well, that’s me being a noob who haven’t played in real life to TT and I’m pretty sure playing against AI only taught me bad behavior (as at the level I play isn’t aggressive and has some blind spots).

I skimmed around and saw your little squee at 5:11.

I notice you still miss some easy ones. I thought that was a bit odd when playing myself. It’s a good recreation but it’s not as intuitive and reliable as keeping your eye on the ball in real life.

They aren’t enforcing serve rules yet, but FYI, you’ll have to toss it up a lot higher and make sure the ball and paddle hit well behind the table for a legal serve. It makes hitting those low and fast serves a real challenge!

Speaking of casting and table tennis, there’s an annoying hitch every couple of seconds that makes the game unplayable when casting on the Quest 1. Does it do that for all games?

I mean, I could test this myself, but that would mean I’d have to stop playing table tennis.

That’s somewhat normal on a Quest 1, for games without much of a performance cushion. Both SideQuest and Virtual Desktop include a feature to boost CPU clocks when streaming to avoid it.

Try clearing your guardian history just in case though, that can cause hitching.

Good tip, my darn kids insist on making a new guardian every time because the ones I make don’t give them every inch of play space (by design, to avoid furniture).

Speaking of annoying kids, I ordered some microfiber cloths to deal with a few smudges they left on the lenses. Wish me luck, cross fingers, etc.

yeah, i guess the limited fov may influence. Although, I noticed it happens me less after playing the first two sets, they are the ‘warm up’.

This game is also glitchy as hell. Lots of crashing. Still worth it!

Uh. 0 crashes for me.

Did you ever play it on Quest 1? It’s pretty bad. Sometimes it’ll glitch out and won’t update the score on the table but still updates the score on the TV, hah.

So… how do I overclock this thing? I think casting might be the killer app we’ve been missing, but the hitching is a non-starter. Do I simply load SideQuest and enable a flag somewhere? I assume it can’t be that easy.