VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Well I ask because my EVGA card has a USB-C port called VirtualLink or some such. Would that be what I plug the OQ2 into? I don’t have another free USB-C port.

The Quest doesn’t use VirtualLink at all, but it will work because the USB-C port on the 2080 Ti can also work as just a normal USB-C port too, giving you one more USB-C port. But you could plug a different device into the video card and plug the Quest into a motherboard port and that works. Or you can buy a cable that has USB-C on one end and a regular USB connection on the other and use that in a regular USB port (preferably a USB 3.0 or 3.1 port but it will work at lower quality even on 2).

TLDR is it all works, but because USB is finicky, sometimes you want to try different USB ports on your computer to get the most reliable performance.

Or just use Virtual Desktop.

Virtual Desktop is a YMMV solution. Cable Rift Link is not. Unless you’ve got some flaky-ass MB, it’s more or less gonna Just Work.

Glad to see you’re entering the PCMR arena of VR, Brian. Your 2080 is good enough!

I hope so, thank you all! This is the game that finally broke my back.

USB-C is a physical connector. USB 3.x is the data standard. USB-PD is the power delivery standard.

A USB-A (traditional) port can run at USB 1, 2, or 3 speeds. A USB-C port can run at USB 2 or 3 speeds.

USB-C is the only connector supported for USB-PD because of the higher wattage involved.

USB3 defines several speeds, which may or may not be supported by all ports. These are referred to in various ways, such as “USB 3.0” or “USB 3.1 Gen 1” for 5Gbps speed or “USB 3.1 Gen 2” or “USB 3.2” for 10Gbps speed.

For the Quest or Quest 2 you can run USB 2 or USB 3 using a USB-A or USB-C port. USB-PC - and therefore USB-C - is nice to have since it enables the Quest to charge while it’s being used on the PC. You can run off the Quest’s internal battery though.

Oculus Link Compatibility

USB 3.0 Type A ports are backwards compatible with USB 1/2 ports and connectorwise the reverse is true. But you can’t plug a USB 3 cable into a USB 2 port and get USB 3 speeds. USB 3 Type A ports typically (though not always) have a blue interior. For Oculus Link you need a USB 3 port and cable.

Yes, the USB-C port on the 2080ti will work well with Link.

Thanks for the help y’all, gonna buy into a Quest 2 soon. Yay!

Wrong. Note the Oculus support article I linked above states you need a “USB cable” only. Oculus added support for Link over USB 2 almost a year ago.

True but there’s no way you’re using that tiny cable that comes with a Quest 2 for anything lol! :)
And if you’re buying a new cable, better to go with a 3 over a 2 I reckon.

Has anyone tested the cables at the higher Link bitrates, as I recall the one concern with USB 2 cables was bandwidth restrictions?

Definitely! But if you just want to give it a try (almost) any USB cable will do. It’s also sufficient to use a USB 2 cable for SideQuest app sideloading. I never use the cable, preferring to stay wireless using Virtual Desktop.

USB 2 got me a max of 866mbits
USB 3 gets me like 2000 something mbits

So less artifacting and reprojection with USB 3 cable

It is so worth it Brian. Play Half Life Alyx, so good.

No half life games ever. Never. Head crabs no thank you. Ever.

What’s funny is that head crabs really are the only actual threat in HL:Alyx. So damn hard to draw a bead on in VR.

And now I will doubly never play it.

I have had to shoot myself in the head a couple times to get them off of me. You really are missing out though. I almost want to weep with joy at being in the middle of such cool environments. The game play is really fun too. No real big jump scares, maybe a bit of mild startling. Usually, it’s ‘I have plenty of time but I’m panicking and can no longer remember what button to press to eject my clip and didn’t reach far enough to grab a new one from my backpack…ahhhhh’.

Yeah, reloading in HL:A is what reloading would actually be like if you had a deadly zombie stalking toward you while you were trying to do it.

Yeah nope, not my thing. I wanna get that game I linked above and VTOL VR.