VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Yeah nope, not my thing. I wanna get that game I linked above and VTOL VR.

I deny the allegations I ruined a pair of shorts playing Arizona Sunshine and dropping my magazine during a reload. Stop spying on me!

Doesn’t Link bitrate max out at 500Mbps?

I read somewhere that a USB 2 cable doesn’t allow you to go above 72Hz refresh on Link, is that true?

We’re never gonna see you again once you go under, are we? lol
You’re gonna be Kevin Flynn 2.0

Yes, because the limits of hardware compression / decompression of the video.

Steam shares some stats

Who wants to tell him about promises vs. reality in VR games?

That looks really cool, but I have to warn you, VR games and especially indie VR games tend to be very light on content. Also, that flying model is going to be an absolute pukefest for most people.

I’m just looking forward to Brian doing a 180 on SW: Squadrons.

No happening.

Can you show us on the doll where the evil game touched you Brian?

Is it

  • A Fuck star wars?
  • B This game is not exactly like 1989 X-Wing?
  • C They did not let you write the design documents?
  • D All of the above?
  • E Shit Bonerz.

This is why I can’t take you seriously.

IT can’t be any lighter in content than Elite: Dangerous.

I appreciate the crankiness, but actually

  • In Questland anyway, most native VR-titles are basically mobile-level indie efforts. Don’t buy the Q2 for the native titles. You’ll still be playing everything significant via the cable;
  • VR is the only thing that makes ED worth playing. Is ED installed on my PC right now? Hell, no. But I did fly around in it for a bit and it’s neat… for a while. Frontier did a bang-up job integrating VR. You’ll want to make a quick pass through it until you get bored again, just for the spectacle.

Your great loss.

Yeah I definitely plan to revisit it with VR, as well as a few other titles such as Evochron: Legacy. I’ll give Squadrons a whirl of course, but I’m not expecting it to change my mind about the game.

This is a bit reductionist. There’s a significant difference between the room-scale experiences developed for the Quest, and the “mobile-level” experiences available for Oculus Go or the Google Daydream. Room-scale VR itself provides a qualitative difference. E.g. Beat Saber is not a ‘mobile level’ experience because it’s not at all possible on a mobile phone–it’s room scale VR. I think the Quest is almost worth it for Beat Saber alone, not to mention Moss, The Climb, Pistol Whip, Superhot, Audica, and several others I’ve enjoyed.

That actually looks like a very cool game, Brian. Ever since I tried out Aircar on my Rift, I kept hoping someone would take that world and put some gameplay into it. Sounds like Low-Fi might be that game!

Yeah a friend showed me Aircar a while back which got me intrigued, but I also wanted gameplay as well.

Low-Fi was mentioned way up thread. It was supposed to be releasing on Steam this quarter - to Early Access I would gamble…

Not sure it’s even a game yet, more a really early alpha where all you can do is fly/move around. But it’s been a year since I checked, maybe they’ve added a bunch of gameplay now!

They have VR mode for that?