VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Steam VR is compatible with all devices, as you say later with the OpenVR explanation. Saying “Vives, Index” will only create confusion.

Those are the facts! SteamVR may support Oculus (via translating OpenVR calls to Oculus SDK calls), but an Oculus is not a SteamVR headset.

Beautiful. That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Good one to move on to. Obviously not as AAA as HL:A, but the devs definitely took in the lessons that Valve taught everyone. I prefer the way that TWD handles grabbing things, and its “holsters”, much better than Alyx.

Someone here mentioned a game they thought did archery extremely well. Anyone remember what it was?

In Death!

Cool thanks!

Anyone ever thought of putting weights on their wrists or arms when using the controllers for swordplay, boxing, or ping pong? I can’t get used to the “nothing but air” feeling/response when I’m supposed to hit something, especially something with mass. I wondered if some weights might at least take me out of “default human” setup while I’m in VR to help with this.

I hit my desk and a cabinet while playing, so putting weights on me is probably a bad idea :-)

I think my brain buys into the being there aspect of VR since several times I’ve tried to lean on things that aren’t there :-)

I started playing TWD Saints and Sinners and so far it’s pretty good. The save system is annoying as it only saves on fast travel and sleeping, and when you sleep the zombies increase and supplies decrease - so I don’t want to waste sleeping.

I seems like it’s going to capture the feeling of needing to scavenge pretty well since the backpack is limited and you have to leave a lot behind in an area. So, I’ll need to go out and make scavenging trips just for materials.

Have you tried something like Half-Life: Alyx or Until You Fall?

These games (and I’m sure there are others) simulate mass by adding some drag to heavier objects, so you can’t freely wave around a heavy thing as if it were a feather. If you do try, the object lags way behind your hand position.

I find the brain kind of buys into the whole thing, and it feels a lot better than older methods like Skyrim VR for example.

Got Squadrons up and running - that was fun :)

You using hotas or gamepad? I’m still struggling mightily with it (I suck).

Pad. I’m sure I suck too, but so what :)

I beat the single player campaign for Star Wars Squadrons and I did enjoy it quite a bit. It’s definitely not X-Wing / TIE Fighter, but it’s still very enjoyable. I really hope they use the engine to remaster the classic games so we can get some real meaty campaigns.

Also, I’m strongly considering buying this stick to replace my Sidewinder:


And then getting a proper throttle controller down the road when VKB makes one (or when something else quality becomes available at a decent price). Anybody have any thoughts on this company?

Non-gaming related VR question for the Reverb G2 which uses Windows Mixed Reality (WMR.) I click my monitor off in the evenings and the power settings (admirably) put my PC to sleep. Here’s the issue, when coming out of sleep or just turning my monitor on again, WMR pulls up my headset and the WMR screen, EVERY FLIPPING TIME. It’s annoying to the extreme.

This is about the only thing I could find that was related:

The issue is I don’t want to have to unplug the headset every time I’m done with it (from USB-C.) That seems … stupid? Can it not just launch when I want it to?

I just shut WMR down and it stays shut off even if my computer goes to sleep, as does my headset. If I want to VR game I re-launch the software.

By closing it with the X? I do as well. Then as soon as I power on my monitor in the morning it pops back on.

I think this may be related …

I just set that to manual. I’m not sure if that will work but I’ll try it for a while.

Does it ask if you really want to close the program and turn off WMR? Otherwise, that’s odd.

I just lets me close it, like anything else, nothing on the task bar or tray. Nothing in task manager that explicitly says Windows Mixed Reality either.

i’d love to see your modlist. I’ve never played Fallout 4 and am hoping it will be a treat in VR.

I picked up some 2-pound weights that wrap around my wrist with velcro leaving my palms free to hold the controllers. I like 'em! Haven’t tried them with anything other than BoxVR so far.