VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Has anyone tried the 2 player Beat Sabre? I love the game and trying to get my kid to play it on her Quest but she is hesitant…but she loves competition so if the multi Beat Sabre is good, that might get her to start playing.

I tried it but was disappointed that you couldn’t play two different difficulties.

Sometimes I just want to play with a friend even if not competing with them - I’d like to play one difficulty while my friend plays another, just so we can try new songs together even though we’re at different skill levels.

I tried the multiplayer with quick play a couple of months ago. Not my favorite

A new violent id game in VR coming (Doom Eternal VR??)

Also, some clues of pc vr code in the Hitman 3 files

I guess there is some officially acknowledge bug creating lost frames or stutter in Steam VR for any Nvidia drivers newer than 446.14 (May 2020). I have noticed some hiccups so I went back the 446.14 to see if it improves anything noticeably. Has anyone looked into this? It sounds like the last patch or two is moving in the right direction, but things are still bugged. This weekend, I plan to experiment with 446.14 and upping my SteamVR resolution past 50% to see if I can get even better performance on the Reverb G2 + 2080ti overall.

What app are you running?

I rolled back to 457.30 based on advice on the Microsoft Flight Simulator forum. (The latest VR-friendly drivers that are compatible with the 3080.) Haven’t run into any issues and will stick to them until I hear that this issue has been fully resolved.

First time in… well, ever… that I haven’t run the latest drivers. It’s uncomfortable. :)

I’m still running 442.74! That was optimal for Doom Eternal, and the subsequent version introduced a visual bug and brought fps down by 10%. I never saw any mention of a fix, so here I sit with it still. I usually only upgrade when I see problems (not unusual for me to have 12 month old nvidia drivers) but when my Q2 arrives I may have to bite the bullet.

Today I bought two games for my Quest. Dash Dash Racing and Blaston.

Dash Dash Racing devs released several tracks after release, improved graphics and 90hz for the Quest 2, new immersive controls with a virtual wheel, cross buy with the Oculus store and cross-platform in multiplayer. They have extensive tutorials, achievements, unlockables, comfort options, etc.
And after all that, I ended up refunding it. It’s… well, I guess it’s that I don’t find the core game that fun. It isn’t bad, but it is just… fine? The controls and physics are not satisfying, and dunno, I feel the concept of arcade kart didn’t translate as well as one could imagine. Ymmv. So despite wanting to reward the devs for the support, it didn’t make sense for me to own it.

On the other hand I’m happy with Blaston. It’s a simple as hell game, 1vs1 shooting each other with an arsenal of ‘slow bullet’ weapons. That’s it. But it’s well executed, it’s fun, and I can see how it fits on my daily exercise routine of Beat Saber + something else (it could be Eleven TT, or Until You Fall, or this one).

Do the older drivers create any performance issues in other games? Or limit things like ray tracing on the 3080?

No idea. I am also running 457.30. I’m getting good frame rates in MSFS and great frame rates in IL-2.

Mainly you lose the update they did for Cyberpunk 2077. Which I’m playing on my Series X anyway, so that doesn’t affect me.

It’s supposed to be a stutter or some dropped frames in Steam VR. I rolled back the driver and after some time this weekend I can’t really say I noticed much. However the bug was acknowledged by Nvidia so it must be a thing. I dunno.

I know this isn’t news to anyone here who already has a VR rig, but for the first couple days I had just played Beat Saber and ping-pong and a couple animated movies and it was cool but not ridiculous. I just tried The Room VR and it’s amazing how drawn-in I got. I have Alyx but haven’t fired it up yet. What other stuff gives the same kind of sense of place? For right now I’m less concerned with the gameplay and more with the ambiance.

A flight sim. DCS for example. It’s free to try, but the better planes cost money.

Elite Dangerous (space sim) is pretty good too.

Yep Elite Dangerous has an incredible sense of scale. You really don’t understand how big the ships are until you are inside one in VR.

Agree with everyone else on Elite Dangerous. Half Life Alyx for sure. Boneworks because the reactive physics really feels different than everything that came before it. Believe it or not Minecraft VR (Java/Vivecraft but also bedrock) has an incredible sense of place, one of the best. Lone Echo. Skyrim or Fallout if you take the time to setup a wabbajack VR modpack.

If you have a Quest 2, and you have a large paly area, install SideQuest and Tea For God. The gameplay is very much in beta but the method of locomotion is incredible. You just walk around your real room but it feels like you have infinite space. The game will adapt to even small spaces but the illusion is much more convincing if you start in a giant room.

Minecraft is pretty enthralling. So too No Man’s Sky. :)
Maybe Paper Beasts, Lone Echo, Red Matter.

I put many hours into this game last week, and plan to spend many more this week. One day I walked a mile and a half in a 10’ x 12’ space in my living room. Great game in the making.

This weekend I was playing Karnage Chronicles with a friend in co-op. During our session he (as a new VR owner) was so amazed with the experience. He said dungeon crawling was a totally different experience in VR and (sort of) joked that D&D should get on it. I highly rate it as a rather immersive fantasy crawl experience.