VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

A flight sim. DCS for example. It’s free to try, but the better planes cost money.

Elite Dangerous (space sim) is pretty good too.

Yep Elite Dangerous has an incredible sense of scale. You really don’t understand how big the ships are until you are inside one in VR.

Agree with everyone else on Elite Dangerous. Half Life Alyx for sure. Boneworks because the reactive physics really feels different than everything that came before it. Believe it or not Minecraft VR (Java/Vivecraft but also bedrock) has an incredible sense of place, one of the best. Lone Echo. Skyrim or Fallout if you take the time to setup a wabbajack VR modpack.

If you have a Quest 2, and you have a large paly area, install SideQuest and Tea For God. The gameplay is very much in beta but the method of locomotion is incredible. You just walk around your real room but it feels like you have infinite space. The game will adapt to even small spaces but the illusion is much more convincing if you start in a giant room.

Minecraft is pretty enthralling. So too No Man’s Sky. :)
Maybe Paper Beasts, Lone Echo, Red Matter.

I put many hours into this game last week, and plan to spend many more this week. One day I walked a mile and a half in a 10’ x 12’ space in my living room. Great game in the making.

This weekend I was playing Karnage Chronicles with a friend in co-op. During our session he (as a new VR owner) was so amazed with the experience. He said dungeon crawling was a totally different experience in VR and (sort of) joked that D&D should get on it. I highly rate it as a rather immersive fantasy crawl experience.

Season Pass for Echo VR

New BMBF released

Gravity Sketch is now free

The Walking Dead S&S did $29M on 2020

Which removing the usual 30% cut from stores, it’s $20.3 millions. Not bad.

I bought Everspace and Elite: Dangerous last night and I just spent a couple hours in Elite and it’s pretty fantastic. I also bought a VKB Gladiator which hopefully will get here some time in the next couple weeks.

very good choice sir, if I may say so! Might I recommend you give Flying Circus a shot when you have that sitting on your desk? Or perhaps planes that do enclose you a bit more and have a little more aeronautical experience behind their creation, such as the ones DCS (free to try) and Il-2 offer?

I do have IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad which I’ve flown around a bit in and certainly enjoy. Flying Circus is on my radar, and I’ll definitely give it, along with DCS, a shot later this year. I’m hoping VKB eventually makes a similarly high quality throttle to complete my setup.

I’m pretty sure I’ll end up preferring WWI/II era simulators over the ridiculously complex modern stuff, but we’ll see. How easy are they to control in VR? Are you able to map everything to the HOTAS or do you still need to utilize the keyboard or a button box?

I must say I’m really impressed by Elite’s VR interface. Lots of complexity, but all navigable just by looking side to side and utilizing hat switches.

I take it you mean DCS by this? Perhaps easier than the things in Il-2. I use a gadget called www.pointctrl.com to emulate a mouse in VR and I just click the things I need controlled. So the things that are on the hotas in the real machine are, and the rest gets pecked at. It’s hella immersive.

I wouldn’t write off the modern stuff as ridicilously complex. Yes you can dive into the nitty gritty and count every rivet, complete every procedure and drop GPS guided weapons on four different targets in one pass. Or you could just, you know, shoot stuff with rockets, guns and heatseekers. Get a jet like the F-86 and there’s even less complexity to deal with than a warbird as the engine is way simpler to operate.

Afaik VKB don’t make a throttle yet but are planning to do so in the future.

Good to know! There was always a part of me that wanted to buy Falcon 4.0 back in the day and learn it, but was scared away by the complexity of the simulation, so I just stuck with prop planes.

also, a really minor bit of complaining about The Room VR: the first thing you do is go inside and look at a few slides in a projector, which teaches you about manipulating things. then you learn how to go to your desk and pick up a key, which teaches you about your inventory. then you use that key to unlock a safe, and then for some totally insane reason, you need to get a safecracking tool from evidence so you can remove part of the safe door and fix the gearing before you can open it, even though it’s the police safe. Honestly all I can think is that that interaction was supposed to teach you about where to find the in-game hints.

I just finished the story and overall liked my experience with it because it was in VR. The whole scavenging supplies, having tension with walkers, etc was well done. The story, not that great. I’d kill for a game where we could play through bits from the TV series with the real cast. Interacting with the world and weapons was clunky at times but overall it worked. The human enemies were horrible. Most couldn’t shoot me from 5 feet away.

If this game wasn’t in VR, I’d give it 2 stars. In VR 4 because being there was pretty darn good.

SkyrimVR and Fallout 4 VR are IMO the best things to come out for VR. They don’t have good touch integration etc, but they’re by far the most expansive, detailed and customizable experiences you can find for VR.

While in VR, like a flight sim, is there any way to alt-tab to something like Notepad to take some notes?

Yeah most headsets allow you to bring up a virtual desktop where you can do that kind of thing while staying in VR.

On a G2, press Windows key and choose ‘desktop’. I think there is a voice command for it too.


Well, it’s on its way at least!

Doesn’t that normally close the game you’re in?

No, it opens a floating window of your desktop inside your game.