VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Waltz is a good “getting your VR legs” game I think. You can switch on various types of movement in the options menu, I’d highly recommend you try each one. Smooth teleport seems to work for me. I tried thumbstick movement and it makes me feel dizzy, but I could get used to it, so I turn it on once each day and train my brain to deal with it.

It’s been said before but The Room VR is fantastic if you like the puzzle aspect of Waltz. I also picked up the Red Matter / Down the Rabbit Hole combo (but I think the deal has ended now) on the recommendation of a friend who prefers puzzle games.

Superhot VR is a bit confronting I found, and I don’t have the space to do it justice (about 3 x 3 m now that I’ve clearer my room a bit!). I’m always needed to punch something right on the Guardian boundary edge, and I just don’t want to risk it. I may have to stick with the pancake version of that game.

Space Pirate Simulator is great fun, it’s just pure shooting gallery, but it’s quite physical dodging bullets. I only played the demo but I’ll pick it up eventually.

Beat Saber is just incredible. I’d play it more, but I keep getting quite sweaty after a row of intense tracks, and I need a VR Cover.

Don’t miss Audica! I liked it even more than Beat Saber.

Well I finally got around to installing the glasses spacer, and I’m facepalming at not doing it earlier. Clarity, amazing stuff. It wasn’t too bad before once I found the “sweet spot” but with my reading glasses the entire view area is now sharp. Now I see the benefits of the Elite strap to hold the headset in position better, because there’s still a sweet spot where everything is pin sharp.

I still think some proper lens adaptors are the way to go, because it’s definitely a bit more hassle trying to put the headset on while wearing glasses. My eyelashes end up brushing the inside of my glasses lenses, and I’m not ready to start trimming those yet.

I did notice this morning when putting the headset on, I got a lot of stutter, went on for a couple of minutes while it asked me to recreate the Guardian boundary (sometimes it remembers it, sometimes not), which was nausea-inducing with the passthrough image showing. I had to reboot the headset to make it go away. Is this normal? Perhaps it was updating something behind the scenes.

No, I haven’t encountered that.

Half-Life Alyx is awesome.

The Room VR, like Krayzkrok mentioned is also great. Also easy with the teleport movement.

The Walking Dead Sinners & Saints is a good experience if you always wanted to be in a zombie apocalypse. If it wasn’t VR it wouldn’t be that great a game, but it is cool ‘when you’re there’.

Project Cars 3 or Dirt Rally 2 if you like racing.

Walkabout Mini Golf is fun.

In Death: Unchained is difficult, but with some playing I’m getting somewhat better.

I’ve had something similar happen 3 or 4 times in the last 18 months with the Quest 1.

As someone who is thinking about voice attack and a voice pack, with vr, please let me know if this works! Also, do you use a voice pack?and are they any good? Thanks!

Check for strings of lights or candles in view. And try clearing your guardian history, it’s an option in the settings somewhere. (Not sure why that makes a difference, but it seems to help.)
Those are two things I’ve run into.

Interesting. The main difference this morning was bright sunlight coming through the office window directly in front of me. Every other time I’ve used this in afternoon or evening when internal lights mostly. I’ll also try clearing the Guardian history, thanks. It seemed to be having trouble with tracking, getting regular “tracking lost” errors, which the light situation might explain.

Also, after several days faffing around with Sidequest and trying to get SteamVR to work, the updated Virtual Desktop app solved the issue in moments. Now I just need a PC upgrade!

I don’t know if this is still the case, but I used to have trouble with spinning ceiling fans interfering with tracking too!

This was at a friend’s house, at my place the fans are lower so I have to turn them off anyway, for safety purposes. :)

Voice attack works great with the G2. I use it for IL-2, MSFS, and ATS/ETS2. It’s very easy to set up and well documented. I’ve found that it works better after using it for a little while - the speech recognition trains with use.

I don’t know what you mean by a voice pack. There are profiles that can be downloaded but I’ve found it easy enough to make my own.

Ah, that could be it. There’s a fan directly above the Guardian zone, and yes I’m paranoid about Beat Sabering too high. I’d better turn it off. I find I need the a/c on in the room anyway, otherwise everything gets sweaty a bit too quickly. Ordering a silicone cover which should be easy to clean.

Thanks @IkeVandergraaf ! I meant these voicepacks! I am a sucker for that kind of stuff, and it seems they can do quite a lot - not sure if its MORE than the regular voice attack, though.

oh - do you talk into the microphone on the vr helmet? I have an quest 2

Cleared the Guardian buffer, turned the fan off, still stuttering. In fact it’s getting worse. I can barely draw the Guardian boundary on the floor anymore. It only does it when pass-through is enabled, and/or the Guardian boundary is visible. At one point it said it was too dark, and if I turn with my back to the only light in the room (desktop light) it stutters more. That makes sense, although doesn’t explain why it does the same thing in the bright sunlight (unless that’s too much light streaming in).

I’m sure it’s a solvable / environmental problem, rather than a faulty headset, just need to find a way to create ideal conditions for it. Obviously this isn’t a problem when you’re not in roomscale mode.

I may have reached my limit in Beat Saber. Level 11 on the campaign kicks my ass soundly! It feels like my first Dark Souls boss, how on earth can I possibly beat this thing? I will keep trying.

Also, I need a VR collar for my dog.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? :)

Like hold the power button down until the ‘power off’ prompt comes up.

First thing I tried. No difference.

When I was playing a lot of Elite, I used the Brian Blessed voice pack. It was a lot of fun, and I suppose somewhat helpful, though I wouldn’t rely on it for combat functions.

I don’t understand what the voice packs do. Is it a text-to-speech thing? I’ve been using the free language packs you can download from Microsoft.

And yes, I use the microphone in the VR helmet. Voiceattack is very good about connecting you with the windows apps that allow you to set up the microphone and train the voice recognition. As I said, it continues to get better the more I use it. There is a free demo if you want to try it out. It allows one profile with 20 commands, which is more than enough to decide if you like it. I haven’t tried it with E:D yet, but that’s only because I haven’t played much E:D yet. I’m sure that if I get into it, I will set up an E:D profile.

In E:D at least, they combine with Voice Attack to control the game and give you context sensitive audio feedback to voice commands and game states. It’s a bit like having a ship’s computer, but voiced by Kirk or Dr Who, basically. HCS have a bunch of sci-fi related actors, as well as some “generic” ones.