VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Episode 3’s Dojo has a bunch of force powers added in, which makes it even more fun - and challenging.

Wait episode 3? I’m just going through the levels.

The Quest version is divided into 3 episodes. Not sure about the PC.

Remember Everspace :)

Oh not sure which episode I’m on, I’ll have to look.

Oh right, thanks!

And Overload as a VR-legs benchmarking tool

Brian, how is clarity for you on it? Screen door effect? Barrel distortion? Performance?

Better, on par, or a bit worse than you expected?

Once I put on some glasses it’s pretty clear. It’s an older prescription, but my current glasses are too wide for the thing. Since these glasses work I’ll make due with them. So far things are very clear and easy to read. Not sure what you mean with screen door effect or barrel distortion.

So far the only downside is that, even using the Wifi hotspot on my PC itself, performance over Virtual Desktop is spotty. Same with the Wifi extender and a direct (though weak) connection to the router. Looks like when I wanna use my PC, corded will be the way to go for the forseeable future, which is fine as I did buy the cord for that reason. I just don’t like how finicky the port is, so I got a smaller USB-C elbow cable to sit in the port all the time while I plug the link cable into THAT small cable. That should reduce wear on the port.

I also got a silicone thing for the face covering, which is VERY nice. Now I can box more without worrying about getting it sweaty.

So far I’m impressed! Thank you for asking!

Screen door effect is when you can see the individual pixels with some shading around it. It limits the brightness and can be a distraction. Barrel distortion is the effect the fresnel lenses have. It’s the rings that start around the mid-center and go outward.

Huh, I’ve yet to see either of those things.

It’s pretty minimal on the Quest 2. To be fair, I didn’t mind it too much even on the OG Rift (the god rays were much more noticeable), so I’m not the best judge, but it’s just not something I even think about with the Q2.

Well that’s good to know. So far I’ve been pretty happy with this thing and its mix of standalone and PC functionality.

I mean, you already know, you have it. You’d be complaining about it if it was an issue.

Hey it’s still good to know these issues are minimal on the headset I spent a lot of time researching.

Beat Saber update

modifiers (from their twitter):

  • Super Fast Song - +150% Speed.
  • Pro Mode (BETA) - Hitboxes are the same size as the cubes.
  • Strict Angles (BETA) - You need to match your swing to the direction of the arrow much more precisely.
  • Small Notes (BETA) - Notes are visually 50% smaller, the hitbox is not reduced as far though.
  • Zen Mode - All Notes and UI are gone. Just enjoy the song, lights and environment.
    Three of the new Modifiers are in BETA, that means we’re now testing them. Modifiers in BETA don’t have positive score multiplicator, and you won’t get a higher score.
    Also, we changed the naming of the Modifier Battery Energy to 4 Lives and Insta Fail Modifier to 1 Life.

Are you old? Do you remember Red Baron and Wings from 1990? Do you remember them fondly?

If yes, indulge your nostalgia! Warplanes: WW1 Fighters is, at least to me, everything I remember loving about Red Baron and Wings. It has options for leisure / arcade / realistic flight models.

Whilst not quite there yet, HOTAS support is confirmed as the next priority for incoming soon. I have been playing it and loving it on a Rift using the Rift controllers, and there it feels wonderful, with the actual flight feeling similar to Ultrawings.

There even a demo and that seems to provide plenty of try before you buy experience.

Edit steam link not working . . . for some reason . . .

Warplanes: WW1 is finally on AppLab

I tried yesterday this new online arcade FPS, and it was decent

I don’t know why, but there are not one or two, but three different ‘3d puzzle’ games

I love Puzzling Places.

Easily lost 3-4 hours into that already.

Wow, Oculus support just got back to me. ONE WEEK after I put in the ticket. Gods forbid I ever need actual support.

So decided last night that Elite Dangerous in VR is functionally useless. While pretty, it adds nothing to the game play. So taking that off the VR list, but I’ll still jump in 2d and play it occasionally.

No Man’s Sky however, is pretty darn cool in VR. The game controls are updated for being in VR and give you some interesting ways to control things to keep you in the game and feeling like your immersed.

If you haven’t given it a try, It’s a winner.