VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Quest friend list:


I have sent you friend requests.


Also accepted, thanks.

Now we just have to wait for @BrianRubin to join the party.

I finished The Room VR last night, what a great game that was. It feels like they perhaps rushed the ending a bit, but all of the main scenarios were excellent. I’ll probably try Red Matter next.

I joined the Oculus app the other day, just set my name to brianrubin, so that should work.

add me to the Quest crew, please! Username is “Stepsongrapes”.

I’m Matt_W on Quest. My friendliness only works sporadically, but please add me! I want some BS competition!

Add me too!

I can use Oculus through the ReVive software even though I have a G2.

I can’t find Matt_W on Oculus.

Me neither…

We have a nice big gang now! Happy to have all the company on Oculus now :-)

I’m on quest as StupidZombies.

I’m profanicus. Think I’ve added everyone so far.

Ah, I figured out it’s because I’m not logged into Facebook. I supposed I should create a fake Facebook account just for Oculus stuff.

I’m DennyA on Oculus, assuming Rift and Quest can play together.

I think I found you, based on your old XBox avatar!

I reactivated my facebook account just for this purpose only and added a bunch of y’all. (Sorry @krayzkrok, I managed to reign in my competitive streak after a couple of songs.)

That’s ok, less competition means I’m better at the game, right?

I mean your rank on those songs is a higher number than mine is, so that’s a win :) I did actually fail a song though when I tried to beat your score with fast/disappearing blocks on.

Oh no, modifiers! They all seem to kick my butt.

Any of y’all looked at the new Perseverance 360 image of Mars in your VR goggles? If so, what app/site/etc did you use? Searching the web just finds scrollable flat 2D views you can move around with your mouse.

EDIT: Figured it out. YouTube VR video pasted into Virtual Desktop. Really cool!

Just sent out a bunch of requests from my account, Lefty_ville.

BTW, After the Fall looks to be a monster game coming out this summer, L4D in VR.