VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

Unless Apple manages to upend the market, I really can’t see Facebook selling anything other than standalone headsets/glasses. They’re not interested in parity with PC/PS VR, especially if they can get it with Air Link anyway. They’re betting on the standalone setup and so far it’s working for them.

Yeah, the ease of use of standalone vs. being tethered seems to trump other considerations. I’ll take lesser performance and standalone over better performance and being tethered when I finally buy VR in a year or two when I retire.

The airlink on the quest 2 works well*, so thethered isn’t necessarily literal anymore.

(*The computer needs to be wired and it’s best to have a dedicated access point in the same room you play in)

What I want most out of newer headsets is lighter weight. More pixels and better fov would be nice too, but msfs already needs more power than my 3080 provides for the pixels the q2 already has.

Airlink has been fine for me as a link, but it’s one more level of setup and that’s what drags the ‘tethered’ experience down for me - having to futz with some combination of PC/Headset/SteamVR, which I don’t do often enough to remember the magic sequence that makes it all work for that particular title :/

Quest pro is official. $1500

Christ on a cracker what?

It’s not a consumer device. I mean, it sounds like you can use it as one, but they’re not trying to sell it to consumers.

ahahaha 1799 euros. Nope. Not even for HDR screens and super nice optics and tracking. My G2 will soldier on a little longer. I don’t feel any need for expression tracking lol. Fuck off meta.

Sure. Just imagine getting your employer to pony up $1500 for every remote employee to use these 8 hours a day

Well, yeah, the whole corporate metaverse/VR pitch is nonsense outside of a tiny handful of very specific applications. But it’s what this headset is about, not games, even though it would probably be great for games.

Real estate would be a perfect market for this, especially new construction. I walked through a bunch of homes in various stages of being built, and it would have been great to get a VR walkthrough in high fidelity to get a sense of scale and materials.

Watching that video, and while I know VR isn’t all about raw specs, it doesn’t seem like this is 5x better than the $300 existing Quest 2 headset to make it worth the 5x price increase. This is a weird device.

What makes you think it’s great for games? This thread is what, 6 years old? The current tech can handle decent resolutions, plenty of game devs have chipped in (including Valve with their blockbuster IP), there are no supply issues, the prices are lower than some smartphones… yet pretty much no one plays games on VR. It’s still a minor niche in the gaming industry. So maybe, just maybe, most people don’t want to put on a stupid helmet on their head and be cut off from their family, their phone, their workstation or even the view from their window. Maybe that’s the real problem of VR (as opposed to “a few more years of tech development”) , which would make it not so great for games afterall.

Yeah, the fact that it has lots of light bleed and requires an additional $50 after-market purchase to get a full-face add-on to prevent that says to me that it’s not the best choice for gaming.

Meta Connect 2022

-Metaverse, metaverse, metaverse ( :P )
-1/3 apps in the store has made $1M
-33 apps > $10M
-VRChat shout out!
-NBC Universal collab (for dat crossmarketing appeal!) & peacok app (lol, when a good netflix app you fuckers)
-More connections from Horizon to outside (2d app, instagram sharing, etc)
-Object import for Maya and other apps (Sketchfab import too).
-$1.5B spent on the Store
-Ironman game, the one released in PSVR.
-Map editor for Population One.
-Among Us on Nov 10.
-S&S Retribution on Dec 1.
-New game from Skydance in 2023: Behemoth.
-Meta acquires Camouflaj, Twisted Pixel, and Armature Studios
-Supernatural will have a new mode for knee hits (how does it work?)
-Fitness Api beta & stat sharing with friends
-Workrooms updates (3d model integration, submeetings, zoom integration).
-Xbox cloud gaming coming to Q2.
-Quest Prod announced. https://www.meta.com/be/en/quest/quest-pro/
-“Open” design for office, but magnetic cover.
-40% thinner front part
-37% more pixels, 70% more contrast, more pixels on screen center.
-Xr2 Gen 1 chip.
-Controllers with cameras, and better haptics.
-It has some kind of accessory to put at the end of the controller to use as an pointer.
-Dock to charge headset and controllers.
-mixed reality capabilities
-Eye and face tracking.
-magic board tech thingie: I think it’s just indicating an object in reality, like you can do with your table of couch in Q2, to import it to MR and other participants will see that part of your room, but not others.
-MS collab: Teams in VR (including Meta avatars in the future). Teams integration in Workrooms. MS 365. AAD/Intune.
-new Meta avatars (they said generated by AI?). with legs.
-avatar store, with microtransactions!

What a weirdly petulant comment. It’s ok for people to like different stuff.

Sorry, I meant the Quest Pro seems great for games relative to other headsets. Though I still think VR in general is great for (some) games, but I agree it’s a niche thing and will likely stay that way.

(with an estimated battery life of less than 2 hours)