VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


Yeah they really fucked up here. Then again they are owned by Facebook, the world leader in sloppy engineering practices so I am not too surprised. Hopefully they get it fixed asap.


Damn, I can’t play in VR for a couple hours until they fix it? Heads need to roll!


The worst part is that there are no errors, notifications, or status popping up letting the user know what’s wrong. The headset is just… dead. Terrible design.


Where are, or when do the games come out that are perfect in VR, namely cockpit sims, such as:

  • Flight sims
  • Mech gamed (mechwarrior)
  • Xwing vs TIE Fighter!!!
  • Nascar Car Wars sims

Cockpit games seem like the perfect place for VR, where you dint need to walk/run, which isnt very good for VR. Total immersion!

I assume they are coming?


You’d be surprised how few there are. There’s a couple of flight sims, and you are right, they are (to me) a fucking dream come true in VR. Most racing games support VR and its said to work very well. Space game resurgence happened right when VR happened so yeah, plenty of those. No Xwings yet sadly. No mechs either (weirdly enough!) A tank would work well as well imo but hasnt been done so far.

If you want I can name some titles.


Thanks, I’ll keep my eye out for titles. I haven’t purchased into VR yet but these would definitely do it, especially X-Wing.


A window pops up informing you of a problem if you try to open the oculus app.


OK For flying (the very best use for VR) try DCS if you want to study hard at modern jet fighters and helos.
If you want simpler planes, but just as pretty visuals and deep, nerdy simulation, try the ww2 warbirds of Il2 Sturmovik.
If you dont want a flight simulator but a flight game, try War Thunder
If you rather not shoot things from your plane, try Aerofly 2 which even supports hand controls.

In space, the very best VR title in my opinion is Elite : Dangerous but House of the Dying Sun is pretty damn good too. There’s Eve Valkyrie but I cant speak for the quality of that. Said to be good pewpew fun.

Driving sims and games… someone who knows them well and cares for them take that one.

p.s. For VR, a good controller isnt obligatory, but VR and a good controller synergise in that a trottle-and-stick combo will make your flying game feel that more real.


In space, X Rebirth VR is pretty cool too. And on the arcadey side Everspace gets a good wrap but I’ve not yet played that.

Driving in VR, you basically got Dirt Rally, Project Cars 1/2, and Assetto Corsa.


Dirt Rally for racing, ETS 2/ATS for just chilling in VR and enjoying the scenery.


…and fixed!


…and $15 credit for the trouble

We’re providing a $15 Oculus Store credit (or currency equivalent) to people impacted by this issue. If you used Rift on or after February 1st, 2018 this credit will be added to your account automatically within the next 7 days.


You have to download and install the patch manually, all 2005 style. The thing won’t start so it can’t auto update :)


Sounds like they’re taking tips from Frontier.


Code signing certs are good for 3-years max, so that makes me wonder if after the purchse of Occulus by Facebook if they got rid of some employees, and potentially whomever took care of that. I mean, they can easily be forgotten, but I get tons of notifications when certificates near expiration. It starts with email reminders and eventually even phone calls by the CA.


Kinda scary knowing Oculus/Facebook has a kill-switch for the Rift. It even prevented SteamVR from running.


I’m wondering if it’s because of those certs that got revoked after the CA security breach the other day.


My $15 just turned up. I’m prepared to go without VR for more days if that’s helpful to anyone :)


Just got my email too. Which is funny because I haven’t actually used VR since mid-January due to sick kids, work, etc. Will be rectifying that tonight as make my exciting return to the world of the Rift!


Turns out you can get an Eve Valkyrie + Sprint Vector combo for $30 right now. I already owned Eve Valkyrie, so I was able to pick up Sprint Vector with the credit. Sprint Vector will get you in shape, and the feeling of speed you get while racing down the tracks is pretty addictive =)