VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!


I might pick up Ultrawings, the game Tom likes. Might wait for a sale, though. I assume the $15 credit doesn’t expire.


Looks like Bethesda is finally gonna throw us Rift users a bone:

Available Apr 3rd, Vive, Rift, Mixed Reality compatible, at the “no way am I buying Skyrim again at full price!” price of $60.


Think it expires after a year.


I might give this a go out of curiosity - is it continuous movement? Not sure I’ve played anything not teleport based.


Yeah I believe the PSVR version has options for teleport or standard movement, as well as smooth or stepped rotation.


Holy, shit HTC.

$800 bucks for the Vive Pro. HMD only. I had my eye on it figuring $500 or less, but $800 is well beyond a deal breaker.

Shame. I really, really wanted just a bit more clarify in games like Elite. Oh, well, at least they made the decision easy for me.

Good news is that the full standard Vive kit (HDM, ligthhouses and wands) is now $500 (a $100 drop). Good time to jump in for late adopters.


Yup. The $800 Vive is pretty much only for hardcore enthusiasts willing to pay the price.


Why would the Vive Pro be significantly less than the original version when it released?

I agree that it’s priced only for enthusiasts, but I don’t find the price surprising at all.


The original release price of $800 was for everything – controllers and lighthouses. This only includes the new headset and nothing else.

I had originally guessed 600 for the new headset when it was announced. So this is disappointing for me as well.


I was expecting the $800 price tag… but wasn’t expecting that to be for just the headset. With the standalone accessories priced as they are ($135 x2 for base stations, $130 x2 for controllers), it’s cheaper to buy a Vive bundle and a Pro headset than to piece together your own Pro bundle. Which seems wrong.


Ahh! Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense.

Yeah, likewise.


yeah, I’m totally the market for this new headset, but at 800 i can wait. especially since theres no knuckles controllers included and considering id need to upgrade my 970 to something beefier.


I would guess there will be a higher def oculus within a year so then. In general I prefer its lighter footprint to the vive cats cradle so I can wait.

I would also say for Vive a cut price point of $500 will not move the needle sales wise. Its still more expensive than the Oculus and thats not doing particularly well.


Anyone have thoughts on From Other Suns? Oculus store has a number of duo packs priced at $29.99 right now, and with the $15 credit from the outage the other day there are some decent deals.

Right now looking at From Other Suns and Eleven Table Tennis VR.

They also have:

The Climb + Job Simulator
Eve Valkyrie + Sprint Vector
Onward + Sparc (already own Onward)
AZ Sunshine + Superhot VR
Raw Data + Boxvr


I haven’t played a hell of a lot but it’s kind of cool. The idea of it is pretty great.

It’s basically a co-op FPS with some FTL-lite bits joining it together. I only ever played it solo. Procedural star map and ship/station interiors, Borderlands-ish procedural weapons, fairly atmospheric.

It seemed like there wasn’t a lot of variety though, all the ships I beamed into had the same tile set. Maybe later in the game there’s more.

But it’s all well executed, with solid options for locomotion and good use of the Touch controls. And the idea of beaming aboard ships to raid or capture them is awesome.

I prefer it to the others in your list that I’ve played* (Climb, Eve, AZ), it’s easily worth a tenner.

*except Superhot which is pretty amazing.


I’ve got about the same opinion of From Other Suns. Definitely fun but it leaves you wishing it was a hell of a lot deeper. Well worth playing though.


Thank you for your order. We’re excited that you chose VIVE, and we’ll do everything we can to make your VIVE experience perfect.

I bit the bullet. Had to. Maybe I can sell my used first-gen headset in order to partially recoup some of that exorbitant, outrageous, boutique price.

It’s worth mentioning that up until June 3rd, pre-orders come with a 6-month subscription to Viveport. That seems like a good value that could save me a decent amount in VR software purchases. Those add up.

Shipping in three weeks! YIIIEEEEE!!!


I need impressions, man! I gotta know what that cockpit text looks like.


Interesting haptic project at Microsoft:



Been having a blast with In Death.

(also on steam)

It’s a roguelike where your attack comes from using a bow and arrow. I love the locomotion system - you either fire a teleportation arrow, or you throw a teleportation dagger shard thing.

The music is very classical ‘holy’ feeling church stuff. You really feel like you’re in purgatory =) As you accomplish achievements, new stuff gets added to the procedural worlds you play in like new types of arrows and more difficult enemies.

It’s a very satisfying game. There’s a lot of strategy in how you position yourself relative to your enemies and how you tackle the levels, what arrows you use, blocking with your shield, etc. It also has a nice leaderboard, though I am nowhere even close to even the ‘best of the day’ scores.

As a bonus to this addictive game, you get a mild workout as well, though nowhere near the level of something like Soundboxing, Sprint Vector, Echo Arena, or Thrill of the Fight.