VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

The explosive arrow (Cataclysm) makes short work of the first boss. In fact imo there is too much difference in fighting him with it vs fighting whim wihout it.

Yup… I unlocked the ricochet cataclysm arrow right at the same time I got the amulet that lowers the bosses’ health… I think I had previously tried the bomb arrows on him but wasn’t able to kill him before the swarm of red priests got me, and so thought I was forced to do cat and mouse no matter what… but with his health down I just unloaded on him till he went down.

The level you move on to is really impressive, floating in the clouds, and the women wraiths and little Cupid dudes are no joke.

The arrow you unlock by killing the boss also makes that fight far easier in the future, making the six kills unlock quite possible.

Especially when you hear them teleport in above your head.

I still haven’t been able to complete any of those haunted cathedral window portals in the first area. It’s a serious challenge with nowhere to retreat.

Quest v37

Does anyone actually use Stationary Guardian? I just turn the Guardian off completely if I’m seated. I mean, I know I’m not going anywhere so it serves no purpose, and it removes the occasional immersion breaking trigger if I move a controller within range. I guess the only downside is that double tap to turn on passthrough doesn’t work if the Guardian is disabled, but I can live with that.

I think only Dev mode lets you turn it off.

Not really; when I’m seated with Quest it’s on the couch, so I’m using the couch mode!

I set that up once, then the Quest forgot my Guardian for the billionth time two days later, and I thought… let me see if I can remember the exact words that came to mind… oh yes, that’s right… “fuck this shit”.

You’re right, I’ve had it on for so long I’d forgotten it wasn’t a default option.

Has Airlink been updated? The beta setting in the Oculus desktop app seems to have disappeared for me.

A pair of trailers

Ultrawings 2 is releasing soon

I’m all in. And thank god they have normal machine gun sounds in there now, the laser zappy sounds in the first one are extremely grating.

Steam Lunar Sale - VR edition

(and many more…)

Has anyone tried After the Fall, VR L4D? Reviews are that it’s very well done but a bit thin on depth, but I’d be down to put a group together.

What do we know about Zenith - The Last City? Seems to be a Top Seller and it’s getting good player reviews. I am intrigued.

Watched a guy on my Discord stream it yesterday and he is in love with the dang thing.

I watched this…

I know it’s an MMORPG, two classes more or less, swords and magic/shooter person.

To be more fair with the Zenith, it really launched in EA in Steam, it’s just that the Oculus store doesn’t have that distinction.