VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

I tried the demo, it is indeed very good. It has a tactile solidity to the whole thing which makes it feel very immersive, and yes even the basic gun is great, but once you get use to firing and reloading the better weapons it really takes off. It has the best barrel explosions I think I’ve ever seen. The demo is basically the same two sewer levels (although randomly generated) on a loop of increasing difficulty. The only thing I’m not clear on is how the full game differs in terms of variety.

The only downside is the smooth turning is anything but to my eyes, it has an unpleasant jitter which doesn’t do much for my stomach. Smooth stepped turning is better, but slightly awkward.

It’s apparently still very early access, so more stuff will apparently be added as it gets further developed.

Anyone interested in that forthcoming Demeo VR boardgame/RPG ?

Might be good, not sure from the trailer. But I like the idea of a social boardgame in VR. I think this is an area where well-designed VR could really add something - RPGs or wargames with lots of minis that would take forever to buy/paint/set up irl but dead easy to set up in VR. I love playing Gloomhaven for example, but the set up time alone takes an hour before each session.

TTS has VR support. It’s pretty janky though. Like everything in TTS.

Very interested. Yet while I’d like to think my internet connection would be up for this game, I have my doubts.

A small, 20 to 30% off, offer in Oculus Quest store
Valid for 24 hours only.

Carmack: We want the Chromebook audience!

Ohhh thanks for that, finally got In Death: Unchained.

Tempted to grab Myst. I haven’t played it since original release and it seems like it would be cool in vr. How is Gun Club? Good for someone who doesn’t care about different types of guns? I just care about fun shooting,

So I grabbed Until You Fall (which is going to get confused with After the Fall, undoubtedly) while it was on sale, deciding to go with the PCVR version instead of the Oculus version, as it undoubtedly looks better. It plays just fine over the Link, and so far there’s not much need to move around so the cable isn’t an issue (this may change as the game gets harder). It’s impressive so far, very satisfying combat, and it’s clear there’s going to be some depth to it as well. The structure reminds me of Infinity Blade on the old phones; the more you play, the better your weapons and abilities become, the further you get. But what gets me the most is the game does a full body render. I can’t tell you how incredibly immersive it is to look down and see your entire body standing there, moving the way you move, it’s… uncanny.

It seems the Wraith Oblivion game is in the 7-8 hours range. Which you know, it’s a highlight because so many single player VR games are more in the 3-4 hour game range. It’s atmospheric/psychological horror, instead of relying in jump scares, in case you hate jump scares.

Interested in seeing how the Infinite Office works. ‘Bring your desk into VR’, with keyboard and multiple virtual screens. The ‘bring your couch into VR’ thing they added recently was pretty neat.

I was reading about the PCVR mod for Doom 3 BFG and so of course I had to try it. I eventually got it working properly after some faffing around. It’s got some glitches (mainly when it switches to cinematic mode and you get to see things you’re not meant to see), but it works surprisingly well. I turned on smooth locomotion and turning, which is much better, and walking around the Mars City base near the start is impressive. I didn’t get much shooting in, I’d forgotten how long they drag things out at the start! But the mod uses the controllers so it’s satisfying. The hell portal opening sequence is waaaay more impressive when you’re standing amidst it all.

This is a curious app, a training tool for doing presentations

It’s a novel idea to beat the stage fright, I guess.

Upload VR has a script transcription of the past Carmack & Boz talk on Twitter

The Verge talks of the new Oculus avatars

[quote] The new avatar editor apparently allows for a quintillion possible combinations of hair, eyes, body type, facial hair, piercings, clothing, and other features. There’s no gender toggle, nor are there a pre-baked batch of face presets. Instead, the editor lets you dive into each facial feature, down to wrinkles, nose, and makeup. It’s like a glorified character creator from an RPG

Oculus says the avatar you create will eventually appear in some form within the Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, and more, but only if you choose to. Oculus wouldn’t divulge any specifics on how exactly your avatar will appear in those apps or when. “We’re at the start of a long journey,” Mike Howard, product manager for avatars at Oculus, told The Verge[/quote]

I was playing with this in Facebook Messenger app the other day, didn’t realise it was an Oculus thing.

Well, any Oculus thing is a Facebook thing!

This looks really interesting for improving presentation techniques. Be aware that the AppLab version, which is free, is a very basic version of what’s on offer. It’s intended as a baseline from which you then purchase online courses, most of which are around the $100 - $250 range. That’s pretty standard stuff for training courses though. It’s a cool and innovative way of doing training for staff though.

So I finally got to spend some time with In Death: Unchained and OMG IT’S AMAZING OMG.

Hell yeah!

Air Link is starting to being distributed. Check on your Quest if you have some pending new version, or check in the Experimental tab if you have it.