VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

The bundle is over but here’s a quick rundown of a few I tried, if it helps anyone.

Swarm - really love this. I thought it’d make me dizzy as hell but it doesn’t at all somehow. Really fun swinging around and blasting the ships.

Puzzling Places - I really like this but doesn’t come with a ton of puzzles (16 total I believe). Looks you can buy some more, in-app.

Traffic Jams - great little game. Reminds me of the Diner Dash, etc, time management games in a way. Little extras to figure out as you go, or learn about from the hint splash screens during loading.

Haven’t tried the others from my bundle yet but quite a few more to go!

Welp, got my first-ever bout of motion sickness today in VR. Was playing Sweet Surrender (amazing game by the way) and they have this zipwire thing where you grab a handle and it moves you across the level. I made the mistake of looking to the side as it was moving me in a different direction. Oh no.

New song pack in Beat Saber includes Darude’s Sandstorm, which is a blast. And Deadmaus’s Ghost’s n Stuff, which is ok.

After a bit of a dry spell in the last weeks, we are getting some new games:

World of Mechs, only $20

The Last Clockwinder, to be released on June 2

This puzzler looks very nice

Cyberpunk FPS game for PC VR

Someone tries to go against ETT:

Eolia is a sequel to Ionia, that will launch for Q2. Given Ionia was on pc, maybe later will release on pc too?

In other news, Outlier is cancelled. Maybe focus on one or two games, instead of trying to make 4 at the same time?

Eternal Starlight update

Teaser for Zenith

Green Hell PC coming on June 9th

Retro looking arcade, 1941

Last Clockwinder review - 8

A new bundle

I recommend getting Ultrawings / Gadgeteer / Paper Beast for 5€

It’s approved by devs mod, that means you can use your current save and play with normal players. Although I read is beta and still a bit crashy.

I love DRG, and VR, but I fear the combination will be a short trip to vomitville. Especially as I’ve been playing scout recently. Zippity.

Will still give it a go at some point.

This tennis game ‘graduates’ from AppLab to Quest store.

This has strangely high production values from what it seems a simple arcade game.

This is a MR demo? I think it’s what Zuck was showing on a video the other day.

Upload VR has another showcase event

World of Mechs comes out Thursday. I tried the test weekend for a few hours and it was a lot of fun. Felt like MechAssault in VR.

Well, I didn’t paly MechAssault. I have the feeling it looks pretty arcade? Nothing about looking at heat indicators?

It’s definitely more arcade than sim. Heat is a factor but I was mostly playing the Medic mech so less impactful for me. It was the closest comparable to the light class Owens I loved in MA.

New course out for mini golf, which was a surprise to me. El Dorado is a jungle theme, with a neat Indiana Jones feel to it. Definitely a must buy if you love the game

Well, I thought it isn’t a bad showcase. Maybe I don’t remember well, but I think it was better than the previous one? Good variety, that VR needs : there are single player adventure games, multiplayer fighting games, coop games, a few strategy games, a weird action/puzzle game with time loop mechanics, rhythm games, horror games, shooters, etc.

Some highlights:

What the Bat?, from the devs of What the golf.
Gambit, a coop shooter in the vein of Payday.
Hellsweeper, from the creator of Sairento, which is looking very nice, a big jump over the previous game (I’m going to suppose that was the pc version?)
Rganarock DLC with big names, as said before.
On the same vein, Pantera DLC for Unplugged rocks hard.
Moss Book 2 coming to Quest 2 next month.
PathCraft and Tin Soliders, both are lemmings-like, a subgenre which I have a soft spot for.
The Twilight Zone VR trailer was the ambiguous type, it could be good, it could be mediocre.
HeliSquad wasn’t really shown, but I’m interested in a milisim copter VR game from the Warplanes creator. Seems more interesting to me than the WW1 game.
Dyshcronia trailer was funny, because it actually seemed interesting to me, until the end when I saw it was another anime game in the Tokyo Chronos series.
Synth Riders’ devs new game is a 1vs1 fighting vr game? I’m not interested in the game per se, but game design wise, I wan to see what they are doing here.
Speaking of game design in VR 1vs1 game, Broken Edge looks interesting. It seems the backdrop of the game explain they are fighting with old, forgotten rusted weapons, so they only can sustain a few hits. In other words, players actively want to avoid clashing sword against sword, which smart in a vr game.
More Demeo content is of course good. This time new hero + new dungeon!
Espire 2 looks promising, in that I suspect it should show this is the second attempt of the same team on doing an action/stealth VR game. The knowledge they gained in doing the first game should improve this.
Stride doing the competition to Lemming’s gorilla, heh.


Thanks for summarizing!

So… World of Mechs.

The plus: big stompy robots on VR. Piloting a mech in VR just feels natural.

The cons: needs a little more meat on the bones. An actual campaign, not just a series of botmatches. A little more mech complexity to differentiate mechs from just a bog standard FPS (weapon switching, etc.).

Speaking of mechs, I just finished the campaign of Vox Machinae last night. I was quite surprised how much of an effort they went through to make every mission unique in gameplay, and push the story forward in a scripted but emerging way. Not to mention very dialogue heavy between-mission crew interaction, which I thought was pretty decent overall, very Wing Commandery, but funnier. I mean… it was obviously filler, but I appreciated the effort and it did add more context than simply jumping into the next mission. If I had a complaint, it was that I could have used just a few more bog standard destroy-the-grinders missions, because the mech combat is just so satisfying … but to be fair, you can play offline skirmish for hours on end, and I have. Wish there was more people playing online, though.

But the feeling of massive machinery and wrangling weapons to hit when firing from different limbs, balancing jump jets and heat and range… all really well done, and better than I remember the last few Mechwarriors being, where everything was overly fast and accurate, and not nearly enough strategic consideration.