VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Yeah, it’s all about being able to interact with the cockpit using your hands.

But maybe they added HOTAS support since I last played, there have been plenty of requests for it!

Ooh, that’s kinda even better, I had no idea they were actually using hand motions to fly, I figured the rest of it was so wonk-friendly it had to be HOTAS underneath.

Is there a lot of game there, or like many VR titles is it more of a really cool tech demo?

I don’t think there’s a ton of content, no, but probably more than a tech demo.

A couple aircraft, a couple maps, some single missions, and I think a campaign. There is some Workshop stuff too.

It’s all pretty lo-fi visually, but engaging to operate and fly. Swings more toward sim than arcade, but not DCS-levels.

I bought VTOL a few years ago and spent an amazing 2-3 hours with it. I always wanted to get back to it but it’s a pretty intimidating sim for an ultra casual gamer like me. Maybe VR week is the time to do it!

Looks like Compound is out of early access. I enjoyed the demo and I know it has a lot of fans around here. That’s a must-purchase.

I also have Gadgeteer in my cart. I’d love to play a VR version of Sierra’s The Incredible Machine. Can anyone recommend it?

You have like, 48 hours to buy a Quest 2 before a price increase

If anyone is going to buy one, remember to use this first and get some credit store ($30/30€)
(i also get the same amount if you use it :P)

The price of refurbished units is also going up, which is what I bought. Turned out to be a good deal. It came in retail packaging with all the accessories, looked and worked like brand new, and has the same 1-year warranty as a new unit.

I mean, they must still be taking a massive loss on each unit, the whole thing costs less than some phones do.

Moss 2 is out, any impressions? I’ll probably pick it up after the holidays.

I’ve been deep diving into Contractors, can’t stop playing it for a quick hour rush. I really want to like Onward, since I’m not a fan of bunny hopping and the speed of Contractors sometimes, but the crappy looking bots make coop kinda dull, and the maps are too huge for 5 on 5 pvp, somehow, especially when playing against skilled players.

I had a 30% off coupon and some credit store.

I wondered about Moss 2, and after reading some reviews, I decided against the idea of buying it at that current price, even with the discount. From what I’ve read, it’s still a well polished action-platform game with nice graphics, like the first one, but it’s still on the short side with 5 hours, as replayability they only could comment ‘it has collectibles’ which… lol, and even if the combat had improved slightly with two new weapons and a special power, however, the story is still lacking and the enemy variety is still poor.
I’m sure it will appear later on Steam, and from there, at some point it will reach 40-50% off.

I actually wanted to buy Red Matter 2

however the coupon isn’t valid with preorders. In the end I decided to go crazy and buy Vermillion. I don’t know how much time I will spend on it, possibly I will only fool somewhat with it, but from what i could try yesterday, it’s worth it just for the tech

Still, I had some remaining credit so I spent that and 16€ of my money to buy Red Matter 2.


Disappointing but predictable lack of Bowie

What I do any time I hear that a new Walkabout golf course has been released is I buy it.

Free game alert:

That’s the Oculus Rift store link, for pc vr. If you have a Quest, you can also use it, and then go to the Quest link, and get the game for free for Quest as it’s crossbuy:

Finally, someone (a lurker?) called Claire use my referral link. Thanks! you should have got the credit store now.

Thanks for the head’s up!.. if it’s not clear, you have to click ‘get’ on the Rift link, click through the warning, and then ‘get’ it again at that second Quest link as the price will have disappeared.

That’s how it works yes. I really did it from the Oculus mobile app. Same principle, you ‘buy’ the Rift one first, then the Quest one.

Thanks for the heads up!

Well, with the Quest 2 going up in price next week and the fact that you no longer need a Facebook account I finally pulled the trigger on replacing my CV1. Did the research for sims and it got great reviews. More resolution than an Index, although not as much as a Reverb. Nothing else reasonable on the horizon and much cheaper than the Reverb. Best of all, my purchase cost Facebook money. Booyah!

Zero Caliber added a PVP mode to their multiplayer, so it’s a fully fleshed out game now. Tried it over the weekend, it’s not bad at all if you can get a room with enough players. It feels a bit more arcadey than Contractors, simply because the weapon assignment is random rather than a point loadout (although that might be a setting, not sure), and movement is less reduced with your gun up. But the maps are a nice size and detail.

It’s what I wanted when I tried Pavlov Shack, except all I found there were lots of annoying kids playing weird ghost games or one bullet pistol games, killing each other randomly, not really focused on actually having a solid experience, and I found the maps rather plain.

In other news, that Labrynth map in Walkabout is really cute. If anyone can find a reliable way to get a pool of you guys together from inside the Quest alerted to a possible game forming, it would be great to play. I have a few of you friended but as random indivduals but it’s not the easiest thing to get going.

Mmm . . . more Walkabout, I can’t say enough about the clean physics of this game. I really hope they work on the matchmaking, it could be such a good party game.

Fingers crossed!