VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Among many, many others. Really good sale at Oculus right now, most of the top titles in VR available:

This is a bit of a tangent, but can anyone explain what the situation is with Oculus vs. Meta vs. Facebook accounts?

I’ve got a Quest 2, and every time I log in to the Oculus site, it urges me to convert my existing Oculus account to a Meta account (with dire warnings if I don’t switch to a Meta account). It’s unclear to me if this is the same as linking it to my Facebook account, or whether the Meta account is really just a new (non-FB linked) account.

Here’s the warning:

Note the first paragraph says I can’t use the device after 1/1/2023 unless I create a Meta account, but the second paragraph starts with “if you choose to continue with your Oculus account” (which isn’t at all clear if they mean “choose right now” or “choose into the indefinite future”)

Meta accounts can be registered with FB accounts but also be normal accounts, using a fictional name.

It’s a new non-FB linked account which is the umbrella for all Meta services.

You can link other accounts under it, like Horizon (which the Quest will also ask you to make), Facebook, and Instagram.

They mean right now, when clicking ‘continue’. After Jan 1 you need a Meta account.

Awesome – thank you for the clarification!

Any opinions on Rez Infinite? The trailer is trippy and werid, but it doesn’t give a good impression of how is to actually play the game.

I think it’s a SHMUP.

Kind of. It’s a rhythm shooter. They VRified the Playstation game.

I’m sure there are a gazillion gameplay videos on YouTube.

Assuming you mean the trailer on the Oculus store, that is (edited) gameplay. You’re floating through space on a rail, the squarish thing is your cursor, and you move it over enemies to tag them (up to a limit), then they got shot in time with the music.

Well, when I said I wanted opinions, I meant, ‘is worth buying?’

Absolutely. Rez is glorious, pancake or VR. But it’s mainly about the music and visuals. You have now inspired me to give it another whirl though. It’s been too long since I played it.

I’ve got the urge to play some light experience games in VR. I enjoyed The Climb. Any suggestions? I’m looking at this one:

I have it pending to play. It seems it’s perhaps the VR game with the most advanced graphics, but I don’t know how much content will have.

Thanks I think I’ll get it too. Browsing the Steam sale, I also see the following, wondering if any of you have tried Red Matter - 40% off, or Moss - 20% off.

Moss is a very charming diorama style puzzler.

Red Matter is kind of an FPS puzzler, but IMO is pretty generic, distinguished mostly by being in VR

On a whim I used my 30% coupon to pick up Lucky’s Tale. I’m a sucker for dioramas and platforming, so I swallowed my distaste for the toddler-type sensibility of the trailer… and you know what… it’s a great little platformer. So far, very easy to play, the VR depth perception makes this less ‘challenging’ than Mario 3D World to get around, and otherwise, the mechanics (and game aesthetics) are basically Mario, which is great. Kids would have a good time here.

Doesn’t seem like a very long game… 12 levels I think, and I did the first two in an hour, replaying each level for time trials and coin hunting, so seasoned players would blast through it, but it’s priced low enough to be fair (and my coupon, helped). I definately want more like this. Nintendo is missing a trick if they ignore VR too long, even a little title like this has ruined pancake platformers for me now.

There are a number like it, Moss being the best regarded, so you’re sitting pretty for options after Lucky’s Tale.

Oh sure, I have both Moss games. Only started Moss2… there’s something a bit heavy and careful about the pacing, whereas Lucky kinda joyfully smashes forward in design. Kind of a Prince of Persia vs Mario vibe. I don’t know too many others like it otherwise?.. Ven seems similar, but reviews make it sound kinda rocky and uneven. Down the Rabbit Hole was fantastic for diorama third person movement, but it’s a puzzler, not platformer.

I’m jealous about Astrobot on PSVR, that looks great.

Tried Trover Saves the Universe? If you like Justin Roiland, I mean really like Justin Roiland, then it’s the platformer for you. If, however, you ever find Morty annoying, then it can be a bit much.

Yes! I did enjoy it, even though as you say it was severe Roiland overload, and a bit sparse in level design. I quite enjoyed the little DLC at the end, almost more than the campaign, because of the more dense detail. That said, didn’t so much love the user-chair mechanic, would’ve preferred to have a floating chair or something, the warping got grating after a while.