VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Lots of moneys for Gorilla Tag

Apple leak

Another Dreamcast game ported to vr

I bought Pathcraft (ref link), so here it’s some impressions. It’s really a puzzle game through and through, and it’s actually different from the Lemmings games that were a bit more freeform in how to reach your objective with the tools available, here it’s all about putting a few blocks in key places (and at key times) to manipulate the path of your protagonist so he can reach x points to take batteries, making him change of direction just when needed, with emphasis on the designed level as the puzzle itself, the game happens in a ‘void’ so any bad block placement from your path can make your dude to walk towards oblivion. There can be multilevel structures you have to climb up and down, or holes you have to smartly use as shortcuts, or know the most efficient order in between different goals. it has 80 puzzles and a editor is included.
And it can be surprisingly fiendish, at least to get the 3 stars on each level (yes, it’s one of those games where you are scored 1-3 stars and you are shown a high score table at the end). Sometimes in a shocking way, at first glance the levels don’t have that many interactive elements to tweak, but there are more possible solutions always than it seems. Almost frustratingly fiendish, in how you end a level with 18 moves and then you are shown that some people did it with 13 moves and you are like WTF, how is that possible?! In that regard, I can say I discovered a trick: you can pick some blocks and they don’t count as ‘move’ if you don’t drop it on the game world.

Even if I said it’s a pure puzzle game, I also have to say it isn’t friendly to people with disabilities or something like that, I say that because sometimes you have to move blocks around in real time, which can be a bit stressful. Once the protagonist start walking (removing a block from his initial path), he won’t stop so sometimes you have to place the blocks with a ‘time limit’, as he approaches gaps he has to surpass, and you can’t place blocks while paused, in fact you can’t do anything while paused, because the only way to pause the game is to summon the menu which removed the current level from view.

Grab your putters! New course alert for Walkabout Mini Golf. We’re going underwater…

Can’t wait for our group to play this tonight - looks pretty cool!

Barbaria coming to Quest

This looks interesting? It looks goofy at first, but it can work?

The new dlc for WMG

Not for Broadcast coming to VR

I think this is based on a reality tv show?

SuperHot + archery?

one more. If you hate robots, this is your game!

Finally, if you want a cheap VR game, this is less than $1

Tom loved this game, which definitely makes me want to try it again - I tried playing it with a controller, but it became too frantic for me to keep up, so maybe a more physical interface would suit it better?

Barbaria is out, it’s having decent reviews, and it’s crossbuy

Some cheap games on this sale

Just came here to post that, After the Fall looks really good and I can vouch for A Fisherman’s Tale. I’m buying Fall and the Maskmaker game.

I bought Barbaria, here it’s my referral link

It seems we have a good month. Obviously, the PSVR2 release. But beyond that, Barbaria seems liked, Drop Dead the Cabin next week,The Light Brigade also looks good and it will be out on Feb 22, Per Aspera is out in Quest

-PowerBeats is on the official store now

-Ancient Dungeon is now crossbuy on the Meta environment

-and v50 for Quest brings ‘direct touch’ panels for the UI

edit: this video may be interesting

Oh my lord, the fashion show at 3:21 in that video is totally hilarious:

The customisation feels like a gimmick to me, and it seems like it’s only financially viable if you already have an Index, but it’s nice to see progress on getting headsets smaller/lighter.

It’s very expensive, it doesn’t have audio, controllers or tracking, it needs an iPhone, it’s going to be a niche in a niche. Being so small it would be convenient as a headset you can use in different rooms, your office, your couch, your bed… except without tracking it can’t be done.

My next game

I bought this last night as I anxiously await my PSVR2. Light Brigade looked kinda meh from initial screenshots and trailers, but now looks fantastic from some of the recent full gameplay footage. It suddenly climbed very high on my desired to play list.

Vertigo 2 looks amazing. Finally, some artists are beginning to stretch the medium. I guess you could argue the medium has been stretched already, but… it’s more commonplace now?

I’m saying Vertigo 2 makes VR look like it’s hitting its stride.

I love my Q2 for Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, some other workout type games but dont really play the non workout games.

But, I always buy the latest and even though I hate cords with VR, I really want to try the PSVR2. RE Village full campaign in VR! GT7 would be cool! NMS if it’s working well. AUGH. So tempting but that would take half of my fun money that is all I have for the next few months.

Another Fisherman’s Tale announced

The Light Brigade is out, here it’s my discount referral for Quest. Impressions later.

Will be picking this one up - thanks!

My time for the impressions ran short, first because the battery, second because of this:

My Quest 2 strap failed on me. Removing the facial interface, you see the clip from where you are supposed to put the strap through and then use the velcro. Sorry for the bad photo, it was hard to focus

as you can see, the right fixture, where it joins to the body of the Quest 2, has broken. I guess it’s time for some loctite?