VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Hah I have never found a bow in the wild as of yet. Nice.

I just used the mutation since I wanted to try it. It’s the only weapon you’ll get so it’s 100% bow once you start it.

Are mutations the things in the vending machine?

Yep, can use them to modify certain things. Like letting you carry 16 guns, or making everything die in one hit (including yourself!)

Well shit I’ll have to try those.

Uh, from not having painting simulators, to now having two of them:

Evochon Legacy added VR controller support to its VR mode. Now it looks as if you can switch between a cursor/point mode and a flight mode. This is GAME CHANGING if it works well. I have to try it soon. If it works well, this’ll be the space sim to beat in VR.

Compatibility may be limited, but the system has been tested with Vive controllers as a functional baseline.

Uh-oh. This is a pretty obsolete control to be using as a baseline. :)

Let us know how it is on the touch controllers!

Apparently the controls can be edited with a simple text file so hopefully they can be tweaked if it’s bad.

It’s probably fine, they are generally compatible. The biggest difference is Vive has touchpads instead of thumbsticks.

Apparently either work?

“The controller’s touchpad or joystick (if applicable) controls strafe thrusters.”

Evochron’s a cockpit game right? Not sure why this would make it the game to beat. I don’t find touch controllers add much to a HOTAS setup for cockpit games even when supported (eg DCS). At least in my setup, it’s much easier to switch to a mouse next to the stick than to have a touch controller dangling of my wrist the whole time. What you really need in VR is a headlook cursor and to be able to bind mouse buttons to the HOTAS.

Because at its core it has better gameplay than the other VR space cockpit games? I mean both Elite Dangerous and Star Wars: Squadrons are absolute shit once you get past the whiz-bang of VR so then you have… what else, exactly?

OK, but that’s true regardless of the VR controllers, surely. I don’t see why this is GAME CHANGING.

Because when I tried to play this in VR, having to still use a mouse to control things like the nav map or trade interface kinda killed it, but being able to control all that with the touch controllers, if it works, will be perfect for this game.

Personally, I doubt it. Every cockpit sim I’ve played which had VR controller support, I went back to using the mouse.

Gah, how? That sounds just so annoying.

Not as annoying as having a VR controller hanging off your wrist and banging against the stick

But the VR controller in this case is the stick. It appears to be dual mode.

If you’re not playing with a HOTAS at all, sure. I can see this being better than playing with a gamepad and mouse. But if you’ve got a HOTAS, then HOTAS plus mouse beats no HOTAS, if you ask me.